In the district court, the three men were convicted of gross abuse and one of them also for gross neglect to the death of another to prison between one and six years. All appealed to the Court of Appeal and now they have been released pending the Court of Appeal judgment which will come on July 15th.

Lower penalty

The release does not mean that the three men can be assured of freezing convictions. Attorney Johan Grahn represents the man who was sentenced to six years in prison for, among other things, gross abuse and neglect to the death of another.

How do you interpret your client's release now?

- I interpret it as he will not be sentenced to six years in prison. He may be convicted of grievous assault or assisting in grievous assault, but it will probably not be a longer prison sentence.

Two sentenced to prison

It was in November 2019 that a man in his 30s died after being attacked with blows and several chopped off his apartment in the Skönsmon residential area in Sundsvall.

A total of five people were indicted and two people - one woman and one man - have accepted the district court's sentence of two years in prison each for gross abuse.