• Politics. Pablo Iglesias acknowledges that he kept the Dina Bousselham card to avoid putting "more pressure"
  • We can. The 'Dina case' uncovers six years of internal 'sewers'
  • Audios. Dina's statement that sank Iglesias before the judge: "Did he destroy the card so that you would not continue sending screenshots?" "We should ask her"

"There is no case." He wrote it in his own hand four years ago, in July 2016, the then head of the Legal Services of Podemos José Manuel Calvente in one of the chats he shared with his party colleagues. "It was a leak and not a robbery," he concluded, referring to the publication of the messages that contained Dina Bousselham's mobile. The lawyer used before his "compas" of the purple formation , as he addressed them, an argument loaded with common sense and impossible to refute. If in the screenshots published by Okdiario , in which Pablo Iglesias said, among other niceties, that you had to "spank" the

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