Anne would like her partner to cut his pubic hair, but the latter categorically refuses. Sexologist and psychoanalyst Catherine Blanc gave her advice on Friday afternoon in the program "Sans Rendez-vous" on Europe 1.  

For some people, the hairs can be a real repellent during a sexual act. Anne, a listener of the program "Sans Rendez-vous", would like her friend to cut his pubic hair, but the latter refuses in the name of virility. Sexologist and psychoanalyst Catherine Blanc answered the young woman's questions on Europe 1 on Friday. 

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Anne's question

"I asked my boyfriend to cut his pubic hair, but he refuses in the name of virility. It is not very beautiful and sometimes annoying for oral sex. How to make him understand that it disgusts me and that Could he cut them? "

Catherine Blanc's response

"We must first understand the problems with the hair. There is no problem in the absolute, if not in the imagination. Why the hair is perceived at certain times as the pledge of all manhood and puberty, and we welcome that? And why in another time, ours, we shout haro on the hair, as if it was dirty and not admissible in sexuality, or prevents us from seeing sex as we Anne's boyfriend sees something that sets him apart from the child, he wants a distinction. 

In the name of cleanliness, it could make a little effort right? At least for "clearing"?

Some men like very hairy women, it still exists today and not only in the 1970s. Yes maybe they can find a compromise. I think that for him, it is important to signify a gender difference, it is quite admissible for me. We do not have to worry about the hair, but the image of the hair, compared to the beardless. It is not in the name of cleanliness, but in the name of the couple's compromise. Himself may have preferences on the haircut of his partner, for example. 

Cutting the hair can make sex bigger, could that be an argument?

Yes, she can sell him like that. But if he cares, he cares. If Anne is disturbed for oral sex, it is enough that she does not do it any more. There, he will then have the wish to be more desirable from this point of view there. But maybe he doesn't want to and only be in what his partner wants. 

Women make a lot of effort, we only ask him to cut his hair a little! 

Well he takes a shoe from his mower, and he tries several different cuts. All that regrows, it is not very serious! "