- It feels good, both for us and with the supplier, says Pia Wangbergh, Deputy Procurement Manager at Umeå Municipality.

In the spring of Umeå municipality bought 20,000 incorrect mouthguards to its staff. The mouth guard has been used in the social services but no one in the staff should have been infected by covid-19.

- We have always used oral protection in conjunction with visors in accordance with the regulations of health care, says coordinator Magnus Börlin to SVT Västerbotten.

This week the municipality has had two meetings with the company and now the parties have agreed on a settlement.

- We will keep the mouthguards but will be partially compensated financially, says Pia Wangbergh.

The mouthguards cost a total of SEK 670,000 and how much of the amount the municipality receives is still unclear.

- Right now we are collecting the mouthguards and they are in a warehouse with us, we have looked into whether we can use them in for example cleaning, but there is no decision on it, says Magnus Börlin.

In the clip above, you will hear Pia Wangbergh tell us about the situation the municipality was in when trying to find protective equipment at the beginning of the corona pandemic.

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