China News Service, July 3, according to the US "World Daily" reported that since the outbreak in the United States, the report platform "Stop AAPI Hate" that collects violence against Asians has received reports from more than 2,000 people across the United States. Among them, California became the hardest hit area, and more than 40% of the reported cases came from California.

  On July 1, local time, the heads of a number of community agencies, academics, and elected officials of Asian Americans held an online press conference to announce relevant data and condemned violence against Asian Americans.

  Qiu Xinfu, the state senator representing the San Francisco constituency and chairman of the Legislative Council of the Asian-Pacific Descent of the State Assembly, said that the incidents recorded were only the "tip of the iceberg." Now the community must not only fight the epidemic, but also fight the spread of racial discrimination.

  He also said that before the epidemic, the business of San Francisco's Chinatown had plummeted, and there were also many "disturbing" incidents of violence against Asians. For example, old Chinese scavengers have been bullied, and Chinese women in the tunnel tunnel have been violently robbed.

  According to the latest statistics, in the past 3 months, the "Stop AAPI Hate" platform received more than 800 reports of violence from Asian Americans in California. Among them, verbal abuse is the overwhelming majority, but there are also many cases of deliberately evading, physically attacking, coughing and spitting at the victim, and even prohibiting Asian people from taking public transportation.

  Among them, the report listed many cases in the San Francisco Bay Area. One of the cases showed that a female victim was smashed with a bottle when she put the child back in the car and was abused. Another case in Santa Clara County, South Bay showed that the victim was attacked on the street by racist language. Many other incidents involving insults also contain words that discriminate against Chinese.

  If there are Asian citizens who want to report incidents of discrimination they have experienced, they can log in to the "Stop AAPI Hate" platform to report. (Li Han)