The man was taken hostage and forced into sexual acts for debt collection, according to a verdict handed down by the Satakunta District Court on Friday. The man was not released until his father paid the kidnappers 2,800 euros.

These were events at the turn of February-March. The chain of events originated in Pori, where the two convicted men first targeted the victim with violence in the apartment and demanded money.

After that, the duo transported the victim to Tampere, where he was held for several days in different apartments. The men tied the victim with cable ties and ropes and put air conditioning tape around his head. In addition, the victim was beaten with fists and a hammer, among other things, and threatened with gun, violence and killing, the court states.

The duo also forced the victim into sexual acts. According to the court, the men forced the victim to insert a bottleneck into their anus. In addition, one of the men stopped the victim’s nails from turning pink, after which the victim was forced to pose in various sex positions with mere panties on her legs. The men photographed and videotaped the victim and threatened to publish the recordings if the victim reported to the authorities.

The convicts also took the debit card and online banking codes from the victim, which they used to withdraw hundreds of euros from the victim's account.

Threatened to leave the victim tied to the forest

The victim's ordeal did not end until the fourth day, when his father came to Tampere and gave the men EUR 2,800. According to the prosecutor, the men had contacted the father and threatened that the son would be killed or left tied up in the woods where no one would find him. In addition to the first payment, the father had to promise to pay the convicts a total of 7,000 euros in installments even later.

Olli Juhani Kauhanen, 28, and Toni Jarkko Petteri Sjöblom, 25, were convicted of taking hostage, aggravated deprivation of liberty and two forced sexual acts. According to the court, it was Sjöblom's debt collection, but Kauhanen targeted more violence at the victim. Therefore Kauhanen was sentenced to four and a half years in prison and Sjöblom to four. In addition, they were sentenced to pay the victim various compensations of more than 25,000 euros.