The highway areas are preparing to welcome the first vacationers. But faced with the health context, the Covid-19 epidemic being still active in France, they had to comply with health precautionary measures, in particular by closing certain services, such as on the Cambarette area, between Aix-en-Provence and Fréjus. Reportage.


That's it, the summer holidays are here, at least for some of the French. But while the Covid-19 is still circulating in France, many French people will find themselves on the road, in petrol stations and in rest areas. So many spaces to share, while maintaining barrier gestures. 

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On the A8, near Brignoles in the Var, we expect a large crowd on Friday afternoon. The Cambarette area, one of the most important service stations and rest areas between Aix-en-Provence and Fréjus, is preparing for the rush. Clément Caire, the district chief of this section of the A8 for Vinci Autoroute, was asked to inspect the installations one last time. "We have adapted our areas to accommodate customers, we have reduced our services to adapt to the dispute, keeping only the most popular services such as picnic tables or cabins for babies," explains T it at Europe 1.


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Picnic tables under close surveillance

There will therefore be no massage workshop this year, nor group entertainment for children. And to avoid traffic jams at the picnic tables, the staff has been reinforced and will be responsible for placing users. "We have to keep a meter of distance, hydroalcoholic gel. Our team members are there to welcome customers. We have installed circulation corridors in commercial facilities," says Clément Caire. "We do not know what will be the crowds. We are coming out of a long period of confinement. In any case, we are sized to cope with heavy traffic," he said.

And the message is simple on the road or on the rest areas: we "think of others" by driving carefully and respecting barrier gestures!