It was on Thursday that Erik Björling in Hökerum received a call from his neighbor.

- He saw a lot of birds of prey in the air so I went and checked, he says.

Erik Björling went to the pasture and realized that his and his partner Louise Berners sheep had been attacked by a wolf. Directly on Friday morning he went and looked at the animals and discovered that the wolf had been there again. In total, they have now lost 24 animals, something that Borås newspaper was the first to tell.

- Everyone who has animals is aware of what can happen. But the worst thing is when you see the animals suffering, says Erik Björling.

Many of the sheep were not dead, but they had to kill the animals themselves.

The County Administrative Board wants to obtain DNA

In recent weeks there have been several war attacks against sheep in Western Sweden. In addition to the two in Hökerum, there have been attacks in, among others, Alingsås and Lidköping. The County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland is now trying to identify the wolves or wolves that are at fault.

"There are very young wolves out and about and most do not eat sheep," says Mia Bisther, predator at the county administrative board.

The authority has now tops and sent the sample with emergency status to obtain a DNA as quickly as possible.

- We have had a lot of attacks and it is not good, but it is important to shoot the right individual to make this end, says Mia Bisther.

"You get a tape for them"

Attacks from predators to domestic animals are financially compensated by the county administrative board and there are grants to be sought to afford predatory rejection fences and the like. But money can't replace everything.

- We still had these animals for seven years, you get a band for them, says Erik Björling.