Dozens of protesting farmers will block the A1 motorway near Holten towards Deventer on Friday and at the Wilp-Twello exit to the east. The police are in consultation with the demonstrators.

The first blockade at Holten started at around 3 p.m. and covered the entire roadway. After that, a new group of farmers gathered at the Wilp-Twello exit at around 4.20 pm.

A lane has now been cleared at Holt and road users are delayed by about 40 minutes. At Wilp-Twello, the entire lane is blocked and drivers are delayed by two hours, according to ANWB Traffic Information.

The farmers are in violation and can be fined, a police spokesperson tells She emphasizes that the police are in consultation with the farmers and have not yet issued fines, because "the safety of road users is paramount".

"Consultation is currently preferred," said the spokesman.

The farmers demonstrate against a plan by Minister Carola Schouten to reduce nitrogen precipitation in the Netherlands. Schouten wants to prohibit the addition of extra protein to animal feed. Farmers are against the plan because they say it is bad for the health of the animals.