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Paloma Cueva (47) prefers not to make statements at this delicate moment, although she attends LOC with her usual kindness. " The only thing I want to say is that my relationship with Enrique right now is supercordial and wonderful , because there is a lot of love between us and we have two wonderful daughters.

We have mutually agreed to give ourselves some time to reflect, we have not initiated divorce proceedings or signed anything, "he says. He does so after the shock caused by the news published by the magazine Semana of his" divorce "from the bullfighter after 24 years of marriage. , because they were considered one of the most stable couples in the famous homeland.

So far they have not begun the procedures to dissolve their union , in fact the couple continues to share a roof with their two daughters, Paloma and Bianca, in their home in the stately Rosales area, in Madrid, because although they were building a chalet in the La Finca urbanization had not yet moved.

His love story emerged under the shelter of a bullring, since Paloma's father, Victoriano Valencia, was a bullfighter and later recognized bullfighting businessman, empowered by figures such as Julio Robles, Ortega Cano or El Juli, as well as Enrique Ponce. The first time Paloma saw her future husband was in the Plaza de Algeciras , while he was still a bullfighter, a bad day when he did not get his hair right, and Paloma, who was studying business in Boston, asked her father to help her.

Subsequently, he was introduced by the old Ponce attorney, Juan Ruiz Palomares in 1992, at the La Perdiz hotel, in La Carolina (Jaén) one day that Victoriano took his family to a festival where Enrique participated. The bullfighter was shocked by the beauty of Paloma, with whom he formalized his courtship that Christmas that the Valencia family spent in Colombia and coincided with Enrique, who was fighting at the Cali fair.

Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas divorce after 24 years of marriage

They were married in October 1996 in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Forsaken in Valencia, land of the bullfighter, born in Chiva. Ponce, whose father is a cook, carried the bulls in his DNA because his great-uncle was the Valencian matador Rafaelillo and at the age of 10 he entered the bullfighting school in Valencia, where he took the alternative in 1990. Considered a teacher of teachers, his 48 years has spent more than a decade fighting a hundred bullfights a year and staying at the top of the ladder.

Its rupture has surprised both locals and strangers , because although their loved ones were aware that they were going through a crisis, they did not suspect this drastic decision. In fact, they have passed the confinement for the coronavirus together at their Cetrina farm in the Javan town of Navas de San Juan, along with their daughters and the parents of Paloma, Victoriano Valencia and Paloma Ruiz. Precisely, a few days ago, the right-hander went to a tentadero on the Puertolaca farm, from the rancher Sancho Dávila, where he recorded a program for Canal Sur and, according to one of the attendees, "spoke a lot about Paloma and the girls, as always. They say he has someone, but of course he came alone , he is not one of those bullfighters who are roaming with one another, he is his thing, the bull, that is why he has spent 30 seasons at the top ".


There is speculation about the possibility of a third person in Ponce's life, it has even been published that she is a twenty - something from a known family; Beatriz Cortázar has assured that she is the daughter of an important Almerian lawyer and in Mediaset they have revealed that her name is Ana Soria , something that Paloma Cuevas prefers not to enter. "You should ask him that." However, an intimate of the couple reveals to LOC: "I can assure that Enrique himself has denied Paloma that kind of thing."

Whether or not there are third parties, in their environment they attribute the origin of their crisis to more domestic issues . "A while ago Enrique was very burdened by his virgin oil business that he commercializes, since he had a significant default that caused him a serious disorder. To this is added his tremendous catch of 2019 in Fallas, which destroyed his left knee, from made the diagnosis was 'catastrophic knee', fortunately he has recovered, but the doctors doubted that he could go back to the bullfighting and that crushed him ".

Nor have these last years been easy for Paloma, who in 2014 lost her only male brother, Nano , who died of a heart attack at the age of 41 on Christmas Eve. "It was a tragedy for the family, Paloma was affected enormously. Since then, she has devoted herself a lot to religion, sometimes even traveling to Lourdes," said the aforementioned close friend, who reveals that Paloma is now less prone to social life. "If they go out to dinner with marriages, sometimes she retires and it is Enrique who goes alone to have a drink. Paloma is happy taking care of her daughters , and instead of being bored in the field, like other bullfighter wives, she feels happy on his farm in Cetrina . "

Curiously, it was Paloma Cuevas, always included in the lists of elegant people, who introduced Ponce to the exclusive atmospheres he frequented, and currently in the couple's circle of friends are found from King Juan Carlos himself to Luis Alfonso de Borbón and Margarita Vargas, Mario Vargas Llosa, Genoveva Casanova or the Mexican singer Luis Miguel, whom Ponce greatly admires. In fact she has made her first steps as a singer with the group Materia Prima, her close friends, and it has been published that she is going to record an album with Julio Iglesias.

Paloma, now further removed from social life, recovers from her unexpected separation without making plans for the future , since she assures that what matters most to her are her daughters, Paloma, born in 2008, and Bianca, in 2012. "Right now I am only concerned that they are happy, "he says.

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