Very committed to defending the animal cause, the humorist Rémi Gaillard had presented his candidacy in Montpellier. Assuming his "clown" side, he described this initiative as a snub to a political life that "makes you sad".

His candidacy could have passed for a new coup. The comedian, Rémi Gaillard, who made himself known on the web for his video hoaxes, officially presented his candidacy for the municipal elections in Montpellier on December 16. "Since each election is a new hoax, since politics makes people laugh sadly, perhaps we must finally elect a real clown," he said, as a profession of faith, in the columns of Midi Libre . On the networks, the one who is also very invested in the defense of the animal cause, had published a slogan in agreement with these remarks: "Vote for a real clown, vote anyone".

During the first round, Rémi Gaillard won XX % of the vote. ">