• Online scams, postal police alert for sms-owl
  • Online scams, 4 arrests in Cremona. Thousands of customers


03 July 2020 Over 10 suspects have been investigated in the Milan prosecutor's investigation into scams against thousands of users of telephone companies who have been charged for paid services without ever having given their consent.
The Guardia di Finanza searched and seized material at the registered office of Windtre, in Rho, in the Milan area.

Sent by the Milan prosecutor, a letter to the Guarantor Authority for communications in relation to the position of Vodafone, Tim and another company. 

From the findings made by the IT consultant of the prosecutor, the fraudulent system did not stop even during the national emergency due to the spread of Covid.

Among the suspects three managers of Windtre, aggregators / technology hubs, and content service providers (CSP), who, in competition with each other and together with 8 other people who allegedly managed the scam.

An illegal business worth millions of euros - according to investigators - with earning opportunities "through the activation of paid services on mobile connections" of users. The used was part of technology even in the "exchange of data between machines the so-called" machine to machine ", m2m and did not need from the user consent.

The alleged offenses are computer fraud against consumers, abusive intrusion telematics system and attempted contractual extortion.