Known as a welfare entrepreneur and television person, Martina Aitolehti published several videos on Thursday in the stories section of her own Instagram account, in which she describes herself while driving a car in the center of Helsinki.

In the first clip, Aitolehti says she is on her way to breakfast with her daughter Victoria. Also in another similar video clip shared by Aitolehti, the laughing Victoria sits in the front seat of the car.

Photo: Martina Aitolehden Instagram

Shortly after Aitolehti had published those video clips on his Instagram account, he received a message from his friend Juuli Rönkä. Rönkä, who is also an influencer of social media and a photographer, sent a strong message to Aitolehti, telling him to turn off the phone while driving. Aitolehti shared a screenshot of the conversation in the stories section of his Instagram account.

- People get angry when you shoot and drive !! Rönkä wrote.

- Cell phone off, the following message came.

Photo: Martina Aitolehden Instagram

The screenshot shows how Aitolehti reacts to Rönkä's message with bright red sos-emojis. Aitolehti did not delete videos that drive and shoot at the same time, but no longer posted more similar videos in the stories section of their Instagram account.

Aitolehti is not the only person familiar to the public who has sometimes collapsed to portray himself at the wheel of a car. Many other Finnish celebrities, such as singers Robin Packalen and Isac Elliott, have done the same. Examples can also be found around the world. Among other things, reality TV beauty Kylie Jenner has repeatedly shared videos on her Instagram account over the years, which she has filmed herself while driving a car.

The use of a telephone while driving is regulated by the Road Traffic Act, according to which the driver of a vehicle should not use the telephone while holding it in his hand. In addition to private motorists, the law applies to taxis and bus drivers, among others. The most common punishment for using the phone while driving is a fine.

Aitolehti's year has been eventful. In May of the week in May, she told Me Nais that she had just moved to the fishing port of Helsinki. He revealed that he had acquired almost everything new in his new home in order to start from a clean slate. Aitolehti told Me Nais at the time that the new home felt unique and comfortable.

Previously, Aitolehti lived in the Eira value zone together with his wife Stefan Therman. However, the couple ended up divorced this spring after a nine-year relationship.

Aitolehti's spring has accommodated the difference and moving to a new home.

Photo: Joonas Salo

The couple had divorced several times before, but now they felt the difference would be permanent. Aitolehti told IS in early May that the decision was not made easily.

- I realized that now I want to divorce and I don't want to go back to that relationship anymore. That is no longer an option for me. That was my first insight. My second insight was that now I have to go through everything related to the divorce. It then takes months of crying and suffering, but now I’m doing it, he told IS.

Although the difference was difficult, Aitolehti was looking forward to spending time with his friends as a single. He has been dating for almost his entire adult life, and has been single since the last twenties.

- The most I look forward to is being with my friends and we can spend wonderful evenings together and experience wonderful adventures together.

Aitolehti posed together with Victoria and Isabella for Ilta-Sanomat on Mother's Day.

Photo: Joonas Salo

Aitolehti has previously been married to Esko Eerikäinen. The couple has a common daughter, Victoria, who also flashed with video clips released by Aitolehti on Thursday. Eerikäinen and Aitolehti have said that Victoria lives with her parents for weeks. Aitolehti also has a younger daughter, Isabella, together with Therman.