In Salo, the death of a patient in medical care as a murder is being investigated for the second time in six years.

In September 2014, nurse Lembit Kapanen murdered an 84-year-old memory-ill woman from Salo with poisoning with digoxin for the treatment of heart failure.

The nurse and his close nurse took care of the woman for a year at his home in Salo. The man tried to give the elderly a lethal dose of the drug with the food several times. For the fourth time in September 2014, he succeeded.

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Police tracked down the case when money strangely disappeared from the victim's account.

In November 2016, the man was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and three attempted murder, among other things.

Lembit Kapanen.

Photo: Sami Kilpiö

A previous suspicion of murder by a member of the medical staff came to light only a week and a half ago.

A nurse who worked as the managing director of Kotisairaala Luots in Turku, which organizes convalescent care, is charged with murder, among other things. The murder concerns the death of a defenseless patient in convalescent care.

In January of this year, a 57-year-old female nurse was suspected of killing a patient in Helsinki at an HUS office, which is neither a hospital nor a medical institution.

Helsinki-based primary care nurse Ann-Maria Myllgren (at the time of her Aino Nykopp) is responsible for one of the most creepy crime series in Finnish criminal history.

He is serving life imprisonment for, among other things, five murders, five attempted murders, and three aggravated assaults.

The nurse poisoned several of her elderly patients mainly with sedatives in Helsinki in 2004–09. The victims were aged 77–92 years and either in home care or in institutions. One of the victims of the aggravated assault was Myllgren's coworker, who Myllgren also tried to poison.

According to the Court of Appeal, Myllgren committed the murders and their attempts with cold deliberation when he secretly gave out-of-treatment drugs to frail patients.

Ann-Maria Myllgren in court. At that time, his name was still Aino Nykopp.

Photo: Seppo Solmela / IS

Only 27-year-old nurse Katariina Pantila (formerly Lönnqvist) was sentenced in May 2009 to life imprisonment for murder and attempted murder. At the time of the crime, 26-year-old Pantila poisoned a 79-year-old woman with a developmental disability in August 2007 at the Ylinen Rehabilitation Center in Ylöjärvi.

The assassination attempt came after Pantila had tried to poison his eight-month-old baby in a summer cottage in Kuru with insulin before Ylinen's death.

Pantila died in his cell a couple of days after the Court of Appeal had upheld his life sentence.

Two female night overseers at Lehtimäki College in Southern Ostrobothnia were charged with the murder of a young woman with a developmental disability in 2007. The women were sentenced to six years in prison for aggravated assault and aggravated death.

They had given the victim a lethal amount of insulin.