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On the coast of Queensland, Australia, a giant dome you see now has been caught.

The length is 104cm and the weight is 22kg.

This is a yellow snapper caught by Ed Falconer on Rainbow Beach in southeastern Queensland on the 23rd of last month.

Called the'Red Emperor' in the English speaking world, this red snapper is similar to a red snapper.

Falconer has been fishing in this area for 30 years, but was delighted to be the first such big yellow snapper to be a once in a lifetime.

He was competing with the dome for 20 minutes at the time of his catch.

It is said that the giant dome was so strong that it was difficult to lift it above the water.

Yellow snapper is a high-quality fish that has a good taste and is traded at an expensive price, but Mr. Falconner said that this size of red snapper is so rare that it has been donated to research institutes for scientists to study.

The netizens responded such as "How did you catch that big thing? I want to learn a lot from a fishing expert~" "You donated something meaningful for research purposes^^"

(Source: Facebook OuttaRangeAustralia)