President Moon Jae-in delivered a diplomatic security today (3rd). Former National Assembly leader Park Ji-won, a former opposition party member, was used as a surprise card and Democratic Party member Lee In-young was appointed as expected for the unification minister. Seo Hun-hyun, the head of the National Intelligence Service, moved to the Blue House Security Office. Along with this greeting, former chief of the Blue House, Jong-Seok Lim, former secretary-general of the Blue House, became the President's Foreign Affairs and Security Advisory, along with Justice of Justice.

First, today's greetings, reporter Jung Kyung-yoon will summarize.


[Spokesman Kang Min-suk/Blue House: President Moon Jae-in has recently appointed National Assemblyman Lee In-young as a candidate for the Minister of Unification. As the candidate for the National Intelligence Service, Park Ji-won has been appointed as a former National Assembly member.]

Park Ji-won, the chairman of the National Intelligence Service, contributed to the hosting of the first inter-Korean summit in 2000. The Blue House said that it has a high degree of professionalism for the cutting edge.

The president of the Unification Minister Lee In-young explained that the Blue House was the right person to pursue the national task of reconciliation and denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

The two nominees must go through a parliamentary personnel hearing in the future.

One of the current government security tops, the head of the National Intelligence Service, Seo Hoon, moves to the National Security Office of the Blue House, which also serves as the National Security Council and NSC's permanent chair.

[Sehun Hoon/Chief Blue House National Security Officer: Responds carefully to the current situation, but will sometimes prepare to move boldly.]

The current chief of justice, Jung Yong Yong, who has been in charge of security for three years since the inauguration of the Moon Jae-in government, will be appointed as a special advisor to the President's Foreign Affairs and Security on the 6th of this year, along with former President of the Republic of Korea Jong-Seok Lim.

A high-level official from the Blue House explained that the personnel relocation, or heat maintenance, to achieve new results in the Korean Peninsula and other policies on the Korean Peninsula was the background of the greeting.

(Video coverage: Jo Jung-young and Jeil, Video editing: Choi Jin-hwa)