Coronavirus: wearing a mandatory mask in public places in Texas

Faced with an outbreak of coronavirus in Texas, the governor imposed the wearing of a mandatory mask in public places, such as in Austin (illustration image) REUTERS / Sergio Flores / File Photo

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With more than 2.7 million cases of coronavirus in the country, wearing a mask in public space has become compulsory in 20 states. This Friday is now also the case in Texas. With 180,000 cases and an exponential increase, this state has become one of the most affected in the country along with California and Florida.


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With our correspondent in Houston, Thomas Harms

This three-day weekend - this Friday is a holiday in the United States - is one of all dangers. According to many experts, the rise in cases in Texas just after the deconfinement is due to the previous long weekend in late May. Three3 days when the beaches and parks were crowded, few Texans according to the recommendations of social distance or wearing a mask.

So, last week, to try to stem the spike in contamination, Republican Governor Greg Abbott first closed the bars, then allowed the requirement for the mask in stores. It will not have been enough.

With over 40,000 new Covid-19 cases in a week, and under pressure from many mayors, Greg Abbott had to give in. And while in April he prohibited local authorities from punishing people who don't wear masks. He also had to change his rifle. Offenders will thus receive a warning first and then a $ 250 fine for each exit without a mask.

In California this obligation has been in force for weeks, but not yet in Florida when this state already has 3600 deaths against 2500 in Texas.

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