Good night, in this live blog we will keep you informed of the spontaneous farmers protests in the country. Most farmers are in The Hague to take action against the animal feed and nitrogen measures that the House of Representatives will vote on. To prevent agricultural vehicles from driving through the city, the city center is blocked with trucks from Defense.

Chamber approves recalculation of livestock feed plan by PBL
The House of Representatives has just approved the motion of VVD and CDA, which asked Schouten to recalculate the plans for the protein supply by the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. Minister Carola Schouten (Agriculture) indicated earlier on Thursday that he did not like this. There is not much time for additional advice and calculations of the cattle feed measure, which should start on 1 September. "If the PBL cannot deliver on time, then I see it as an impassable road," said Schouten.

The motion to reconsider the feed measure tabled by SGP was rejected.

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Part of the city center of The Hague closed to traffic
Part of the city center of The Hague is closed to traffic in the night from Thursday to Friday. Defense vehicles block the access roads to the city.

"In view of safety, it is better that farmers with tractors do not come to the city center," a spokesman for the police told It is not yet clear how long the closure will take. "That has to do with the course of today's demonstration," said the spokesman. He announced that the demonstration of Thursday evening had gone quietly.

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No noodbevel Hague
There is no question of a noodbevel Hague. The messages, which were distributed via Twitter, among others, are incorrect, the police say via Twitter. "We are in contact with the organization of the protest," said the police.

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Vote on measures left
The meeting in the House was suspended just before half past one . The meeting will continue at 02.15 and the House of Representatives will vote on the measures in the area of ​​animal feed and nitrogen reduction. More than two hundred other motions still need to be voted before this can be voted on. The vote on the nitrogen measures is expected around 03.30.

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Although peace seems to have returned in many places, farmers are still present in The Hague. Images show that fairground operators have joined the tractors. Defense is still present and has cordoned off parts of the city center.

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Vote on measures around 1:30 am
The debate is still going on in the House of Representatives. The vote on animal feed and nitrogen reduction measures is expected around 1:30 am. 

The vote will be about limiting the amount of crude protein that a dairy farmer can give to his or her cows through concentrates. Nitrogen emissions from agriculture must be contained in this way.

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The fairground operators have also joined the protesting farmers in The Hague, Regio15 sees .

A new group of protesters presents themselves in #DenHaag: fairground operators. However, they encounter the deposition of, among others, Defense vehicles.

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Agractie announces action on Malieveld in The Hague
Interest group Agractie has called on its supporters to come to Malieveld in The Hague on Friday between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. to protest against the nitrogen measures that will be taken. "The tractors arrive during the night and morning. The stage is arranged, as well as sound and a number of speakers," said the interest group.

The program starts at noon and lasts an hour. Aggression calls on the protesters to adhere to the corona measures.

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Farmers in Groningen return home
The farmers in Groningen returned home just before midnight, writes RTV Noord . The farmers protested not only on the Grote Markt in the city, but also at the nearby airport in Eelde on Thursday evening.

However, the farmers were not supposed to gather in the town square, where many people were having drinks at the time. The police tried with several barriers to prevent the farmers from moving towards the city center, but could not prevent the tractors from entering the square around 22:00. Eventually, dozens of tractors gathered on the Grote Markt and Vismarkt in the city.

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The farmers may move to the Hofplaats in The Hague. They are supposed to stay there until the vote.


Mark van den Oever #FDF consults with police to be allowed to move to the back of the House of Representatives. That is allowed. Tractors remain at Binnenhof #boerenprotest #voermeasure

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Police prevent Limburg farmers from driving on A2
The police has prevented several farmers from Limburg from entering the A2 motorway. According to 1Limburg, the farmers had  gathered in Nederweert near the A2.

Because the farmers were not allowed to drive onto the highway, they decided to go back to Weert with a loud horn.

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"About two hundred demonstrators in The Hague"
Farmers Defense Force chairman Mark van den Oever says that the number of demonstrators in The Hague has risen to about two hundred. There is still an unknown number of farmers on the way from all over the Netherlands.

Van den Oever says that the protesters will soon leave the Buitenhof and go to a square near the House of Representatives. There they await the vote. "Of course we hope it will be a party," he says. "Then we'll celebrate by drinking a beer in town."

He cannot say anything about any actions if the House of Representatives votes in favor of the animal feed and nitrogen measures. "We don't know that yet, we'll see about that."

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Farmers are on their way to The Hague from Texel.

#Texel #boerenprotest The Texel farmers are on their way 😏🚜🚜🚜

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Farmers drive their tractors to the Grote Markt in Groningen

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Protesters Buitenhof receive a request to leave
The municipality of The Hague emphasizes that it has been agreed with the demonstrators that they could demonstrate at the Buitenhof until 22:00. The activists are therefore now asked to leave, according to a spokesman.

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It is getting busier in Groningen, notes editor Sanne Oving.

A new column of trolleys is arriving at the Grote Markt in Groningen, about eight.

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Farmers may protest longer at the Buitenhof
Although it has already been 10 p.m., demonstrators are still standing at the Buitenhof with their tractors. According to the police, the municipality had decided that the activists could stay until that time. "The protest is running smoothly, it seems that the protesters may stay there longer," said a police spokesman. According to the spokeswoman, the atmosphere is calm and friendly. There are currently about twenty tractors on the Buitenhof. Farmers on their way to The Hague with their agricultural vehicles are requested to park them on the Benoordenhoutseweg and continue on foot.

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Farmers with their tractors on the Grote Markt in Groningen.

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Defense trucks block parts of The Hague
At the request of the mayor of The Hague, Jan van Zanen, Defense sends 25 trucks to The Hague. This will block the city center in connection with the farmers' protests. The trucks will be parked for as long as the police deem it necessary. Fifty to sixty soldiers are involved in the blockades.

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The demonstrating farmers are standing in The Hague around the enclosed Binnenhof.

Farmers gather on tractors around Binnenhof for spontaneous protest

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Farmers protesting in Breda

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Farmers at the entrance of the Binnenhof in The Hague.

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In Friesland, farmers have also taken to the road to demonstrate.

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The Hague police have announced that the protesting farmers may remain at the Binnenhof until 22:00. Then they can park at the Bezuidenhoutseweg and then go on foot to the Malieveld. This also applies to farmers who are still on their way to The Hague.

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The collone of ten trucks is led by the police through the city in Groningen.

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A few people have joined the farmers' action in The Hague, who are demonstrating against measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

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Parts of the center of Groningen have been preventively closed to protesting farmers.

Martinikerkhof closed to protesting farmers

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The police have dropped off the Binnenhof. (Photo:  Regio15)

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Tractors drive towards spontaneous farmers' protests in The Hague

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Farmers have also gathered in Groningen. They seem to drive through the city together.


Farmers in Grunn #Groningen #farmers

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Protest is an initiative of Farmers Defense Force
The protest is an initiative of Farmers Defense Force (FDF). Members have been called upon to take "wild actions" across the country or to come to The Hague. In this way they hope to influence the vote in the House of Representatives. The Construction in Resistance Foundation has joined the action. Aggression does not do that. The action group wants to wait for the vote first and plans to take action tomorrow if necessary.

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No problems in traffic So far,
the protest has not caused any problems in traffic. A spokesperson for Rijkswaterstaat says that there are no tractors on the highways. "To our knowledge they only drive on provincial and municipal roads." It is not clear how many tractors are on their way to The Hague.

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The first images of farmers on tractors are shown on social media. It seems that the first protesters have arrived in The Hague.


#boerenprotest is back!

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