Dozens of protesting farmers blocked the A1 with tractors on Friday near Holten (towards Deventer) and at the Wilp-Twello exit (towards the east). The road was released again around 6.15 pm, but passing cars left major delays in the area for several hours.

Traffic on the A1 was virtually silent this afternoon because of the blockades, says the ANWB. Road users had to anticipate a major delay on the surrounding roads and diversions. At the peak, there was an almost two hour delay towards Hengelo.

The local traffic attacks called the situation at around 6.40 pm "rather disastrous".

Agents have recorded records of violating protesters where possible. This may lead to fines at a later date.

According to RTV Oost , the farmers planned to stay late until tonight, but they decided otherwise in the end. They are said to have brought a snack car and decided to leave around 5:30 pm after dinner.

The first blockade at Holten started around 3 p.m. A new group of farmers gathered at the Wilp-Twello exit around 4 p.m. In both places, protesters initially blocked the entire roadway. The police consulted with the demonstrators.

The traffic situation around Deventer and Zutphen is still quite disastrous. # farmers

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Farmers protest against minister Schouten's plan

The blockades are actions organized by small groups of farmers themselves, says Ronne Smolders of Agractie in conversation with Farmers will demonstrate on Friday in various places in the country against a plan by Minister Carola Schouten (Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality) to reduce nitrogen precipitation in the Netherlands.

Schouten wants to prohibit the addition of extra protein to animal feed. Farmers are against the plan because they believe it is bad for the health of the animals.

Demonstrated in more places

The blockade is one of several farmers' actions Thursday and Friday. For example, a small group of dozens of farmers demonstrated on the Malieveld on Friday and farmers reported animal cruelty to Schouten to various police stations.

On Thursday evening dozens of farmers with agricultural vehicles turned up in The Hague and Groningen. In The Hague, the Ministry of Defense had to deliver the inner city with trucks. In Groningen, tractors drove into the city and would have caused damage to the runway of Groningen Airport Eelde.


Dozens of farmers blocked A1 with tractors