The big party planned by the back had to be postponed due to the corona pandemic. He spends a holiday with his family in Anaheim.

IS compiled a 50-item information package from the birthday hero, which was built with Selänne's most important and long-term friends Keijo Säilynoja, Waltteri Immonen, Markus Ketterer and Ismo Syvähuoko.

1. Birth. Teemu Ilmari Selänne and twin brother Paavo completed the family of Liisa and Ilmar from Espoo as three children on July 3, 1970.

2. The career began. Selänne started playing hockey at the age of 10 at the Espoo Ice Club.

3. The leap into the Jokers took place at Ilmar’s wish at the age of 12. In the Jokers' C-junior team, Selänne got acquainted with e.g. To a storehouse that became a close friend for life.

4. Childhood Bruce Lee.

- Teemu often played ninja and made karate kicks in the spirit of Bruce Lee, team player Antti Törmänen told IS in 2014.

5. Spouse Sirpa entered Teemu's life by chance. He met the daughter of his mother Liisa's good friend at a very young age. They got married on July 19th. 1996. The couple now has four children: Eemil, Eetu, Leevi and Veera.

- There are all the elements of a good relationship in that relationship, but above all Teemu and Sirpa are good friends with each other, says Säilynoja.

In the fall of 1996, the Selänte family left Winnipeg. Selänte’s new employer was the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, which appeared on the NHL map three years earlier. Also pictured is Eemil Selänne.

Photo: Juha Kärkkäinen / Lehtikuva

6. Focus on fans. Friends describe Selänne as helpful and kind, who genuinely cares about puck fans. He manages to take selfies, exchange a few words and write autographs. And wherever he moves, he is always the center of attention.

- No one could bake it for that long. If the opportunity is arranged for an hour, then it will easily take three. And then it takes, for Teemu, the main thing is that no one is left without a signature or attention, Säilynoja says.

- She also leaves home and upbringing, when her mother Liisa used to make sure that the fan mail that came to Teemu was answered. This has always been a part of Teemu and it is genuine.

Selänne shared autographs in October 1989.

Photo: IS / Erkki Raskinen

7. Delay. A classic evil told about Selänte.

- He may be late from anywhere, but as a parent he has developed a lot in the matter, Säilynoja says.

- We once waited for Teemua in the center of Helsinki for an event and she was a few minutes late. They had just moved to Hilila (in the wigs of Espoo). Teemu said he was just at this end of the Western Route, from which I knew he had just set off, Säilynoja laughs.

8. A secret hobby. Everything possible has been written about the back, but few know this:

- He has tried to play the guitar a little - but nothing will come of it, Säilynoja says.

Keijo Säilynoja and Teemu Selänne in the Bermuda tennis tournament at Helsinki Kalastajatorppa in June 2007.

Photo: Harri Vaskimo

9. Designator. According to some stories, Selänne always wants to decide everything in a group of friends.

- This is the case with some groups of friends, but not always. Here, too, there is a good upbringing in the background: Teemu is basically kind and kindness has been an important part of him since he was a toddler.

10. Disappointments. Perhaps the worst disappointment of Back’s playing career was the battle of Anaheim head coach Bruce Boudreau of the last NHL season (2013–14).

- Without the Sochi Olympics, his career would not have ended in a way worthy of Teemu because of one of its intrigues, Säilynoja says.

11. Intermissions. Selänte's biographer, former friend Ari Mennader, recently sued Selänte. Otherwise, not much has been said in the public about Selänte's interpersonal disappointments, although they are known to exist.

- Teemu is pretty good at living with nasty things, or moving them away from that moment. The disappointments are related to the fact that someone has betrayed his trust, but Teemu has no reason to go through them in public, Säilynoja says.

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12. Jealousy. For decades, Selänne has been Finland's number one superstar and dream son-in-law. One could imagine that there is jealousy in the relationship.

- Teemu is more jealous of Sirpa than vice versa. Sirpa, on the other hand, has become accustomed to Teemu getting a lot of attention over the years, Säilynoja says.

13. Love. Countless professional hockey players have ended up resigning at the end of their careers, but Teemu and Sirpa Selänte’s love is booming.

- In my opinion, Sirpa is the single biggest factor in Teemu being able to manage his life so harmoniously. During his career, Sirpa took care of the practicalities of the home and was mainly responsible for raising the children. When there has been a reliable wife at home, it has brought insane security to Teemu, Syvähuoko sees.

- Teemu and Sirpa are an incredible “spawn” with each other. In addition, children are one of the most important unifying factors for couples, not to mention family dogs and cats.

Veera, Teemu and Sirpa Selänne at the Teemu shirt freezing ceremony 2015 in Helsinki.

Photo: Vesa Koivunen

14. Jekut. Your back is famous for the jokes he made to his friends, and it has often been familiar to Deep Pore as well. Once in the turn of the 1990s, Teemu came up with the idea of ​​throwing a Syvähuoko brick-sized Sony mobile phone into a lake.

- There it is still, Deep Pore laughs.

- Teemua was obviously struck by the fact that whenever the phone was needed, its screen read “low battery” - and so it read at once. It was very themed humor.

15. Competition lead. Game like game, Your back is notoriously intolerant of losing. For example, once in the summer races led by NHL players, led by Jukka Jalonen, the post-training penalty race had to be renewed until the group represented by Selänte won and the hero was able to ventilate with a smile.

- Teemu's competition lead has remained until the age of fifty. His will to win is incredible, Ketterer knows.

Selänne (third from right) played for the first time in the men's World Championships in 1991. Finland was fifth. In the foreground are Raimo Summanen (25) and Teppo Numminen (2). Behind Pekka Tirkkonen and Jari Kurri.

Photo: Ari-Veikko Peltonen

16. Ego. Many of the superstars drift into arrogance because of fan worship, which can bring with it other symptoms. Your back has been able to have its own sincere self and avoided pitfalls.

- Teemu has always wanted to be the center of attention, but his self-esteem has endured in all kinds of situations. Teemu's ego has always been just the right size, neither too big nor too small, Immonen sums up.

- If Teemu is approached by trying to make an impression, he is in the wrong place. If, on the other hand, Teemua is approached as his own self, he is the most approachable person, Syvähuoko emphasizes.

17. Cars and rally. Collecting cars has been one of Selänte’s passions, as much for luxury class outings as for old classics. There have been 43 of them in his stable at their best, now less than 30.

He also had a big passion for rallying. In the summer of 1999, however, Selänte had to go crazy when he drove the Finnish Championship rally on a closed test track with a beak collision with Kalervo Kummola. Your back avoided injuries, Kummola had to sit in a wheelchair for three and a half months due to a heel injury.

Your back is an avid car and rally man. In Jyväskylä's Suurajoki 1998 Selänne was 24th.

Photo: Kimmo Mäntylä / Lehtikuva

18. Great pressure. Liisa's mother was everything to Selänte. When Liisa’s mother suddenly fell asleep in June 2018, the world of puck legend collapsed.

- Mom's departure takes a hard toll. Every day it bothers my mind, Selänne told IS in 2018 a couple of weeks after the news of his death.

19. The most special signature. In 2014, Selänne recalled his most surprising autographing experiences for IS.

- Someone wanted a signature on the bum and another between the breasts. Someone has liked them on the legs or shoulder that has had my picture tattooed. That sounds crazy, Selänne said at the time.

20. Olympics. Your back played as many as six Olympics and won one silver (2006) and three bronzes (1998, 2010, 2014). In the last Olympics of his career in 2014, he was voted the most valuable player in the tournament, at the age of 43.

Career from the last Olympics bronze.

Photo: Antti Hämäläinen / IS

21. Selanne won the Stanley Cup in Anaheim in 2007. He was to end his career, but returned after a half-year break and played through even six full NHL.

Career crown, Stanley Cup victory in spring 2007.

Photo: Mike Blake

22. Best national team memory. The 2006 Turin Olympics, where the Lions stretched to silver. According to Selänte, the Finnish team would have earned gold from the tournament.

23. The most stinging national team memory. Sweden semi-final loss of the 2003 World Championships to Sweden. Finland already led the game decisively 5–1 after Selänte made the hat trick, but eventually lost 5–6.

24. The secret of a long career. Your back only stopped when you were 43 years old. His career at the peak lasted more than 20 years.

- The biggest secret to being able to play for so long at all is that Teemu has done an awful lot of work in front of his physics, more than anyone even realizes - since he was a child. It’s easy to think it was just talent, but ultimately there was a myriad of workouts behind it, Säilynoja says.

Your back ended his NHL career in Anaheim.

Photo: Miikka Pirinen

25. Dressing room. That holy place for the hockey team, but everyone is interested in what Selänne was like in the locker room.

- Adjuster. When others wanted to concentrate, Teemu could watch the Ten Tons pulled by Riitta Väisänen on television almost until the beginning of the game. If, for example, I wasn’t even allowed to talk on game day, Teemu often just yawned and woke up to the start of the game just minutes before the h-moment, Ketterer says.

26. Other hobbies. Much is known about the hobbies of the back, but not in general that at a young age he was a passionate fan of the TV series Dallas.

- For once, we would have been completely forced to leave, because we were late for the game, but Teemu only intimately said that the episode must be seen, Immonen says.

27. Money matters are always of interest. In his NHL career, the man alone earned a base salary of about 57 million euros. Since his career, he has focused on various businesses, such as running restaurants. With the corona epidemic, he also left as an investor in the hand-held market.

- However, money has never made Teemu do things, but primarily pleasure and passion, Immonen explains.

28. Superstars. The Superstars program presented by Nelonen was especially important for Selänte, who hosted it - and it was also for Matti Nykänen. In February 2019, the late hill jumping legend told the IS reporter:

- God damn that Teemu is a really great man! I don’t understand how it really is quite similar to a man’s public image. I don't think there are any other stars in it, Nykänen said in the spring of 2014.

The Superstars program hosted by Teemu Selänte included Matti Nykänen, Eva Wahlström, Sami Hyypiä, Toni Kohonen, Minea Blomqvist and Peetu Piiroinen

Photo: Valtteri Hirvonen

29. Fast. The back has a lot of iron on fire even in retirement, and a wide circle of friends, so he’s not easy to catch.

- But if it's about someone needing help or a fan or a charity, Teemun always gets caught, Säilynoja says.

30. Game number. Your back almost used number 8 throughout his professional career, in the Jokers, NHL and Lions.

- The number of the jersey I got in my first hand was 8. In addition, the number of our home was 8, and also the model number of my first motorcycle was 8, Selänne revealed to IS in 2014.

The magical entry season ended with a newcomer score record and goal kingdom with 76 hits.

Photo: Markku Ulander / Lehtikuva

31. What if? Your back has been told that if he hadn’t become a hockey player, he would probably have focused on playing football or tennis. However, it may be that interest in the medical profession would have paid off.

- I've always been interested in people from various injuries, Selanne said, the IS for 2014.

32. First hat trick. Selänne scored three goals for the first time in a single NHL match on October 14, 1992.

33. Evenings of at least two power points. Your back scored at least two power points in as many as 350 matches in the NHL.

34. Soaring limit. In March 2012, Selänne broke the 1,400 power point limit on Saku Koivu's supply in Anaheim's shirt.

Saku Koivu (right) played for Selänte as a club friend at the Anaheim Ducks.

Photo: Seppo Solmela / IS

35. Elder. Your back is the oldest player ever to have caught at least four points in a single match.

36 Maine. Selänte has a remarkably clean reputation as a star, but at least once he has also been convicted of a crime, in November 1988 after the events of the 1st Division Race Agile – Jokers.

After the defeat, Selänne hit his racket into shards and threw it into the stands. Unfortunately, the broken racket hit the head of the Imatra city councilor sitting in the auditorium.

This did not hurt, but nonetheless made a criminal report. The prosecutor saw a minor assault but failed to prosecute.

37. Sharks' sauna. In San Jose, there is a sauna in the NHL team locker room that says “Teemu Selänne built this sauna” on the door.

38. The Joker Phenomenon. In 1991–1992, Selänne ignited a unique Joker phenomenon in the Finnish Championships. It has later been considered to have played a key role in the commercialization of all Finnish team sports in the 1990s.

The Jokerit won the Finnish championship in 1991–1992. Your back supports the Canadian cup.

Photo: Juha Kärkkäinen / Lehtikuva

39. Insatiable. Even as a young player, Selänne was known as a passionate trainee. The then teammate Antti Törmänen watched the fuss up close.

- Teemu just fired and fired. Even after training, he was almost always left to shoot discs alone, Törmänen said in 2014.

40. Error. HIFK's club boss of years ago, the legendary Frank Moberg, has repeatedly said that the worst mistake of his career was losing Selänte.

In the summer of 1988, Moberg and Selänne negotiated, but the overall package offered by HIFK was not convincing and so the attacker's career continued in the local competitor.

- Of course, I should have made a decent offer to Teemu. It was my mocha, Moberg has said.

41. Specialty. Your back used left-handed rackets in his career, even though he is right-handed. This is explained by the fact that when Selänte was acquiring the first puck racket, there were no rackets for right-handers in the shop.

42. Place of birth. Contrary to popular belief, your back was not born in Helsinki but in Turku.

43. Boats. Over the decades, several luxury class boats have been seen on the back. For example, in 2007, he bought the Sunseeker Manhattan 74-type ecopathy, which is 22.60 in length and just over five feet wide. The kick is provided by two 1,300 horsepower engines that raise the speed to a maximum of 32 knots.

44. Homework. Your back says he doesn't do the dishes at all.

- When I was little, we had dishwashing shifts at home. Everything was washed by hand. Since I got out of it, I haven’t even put the dishes in the machine. I sometimes have downloaded, and the downloaded now if you must, Selanne told the IS for 2014.

45. Practical joke. The incident happened early in Selänne's career, and it involved the legendary fist hero Tie Domi.

- A female journalist named Lisa Bowes came to interview me in the locker room hallway. I was only wearing underwear. Tie Domi came from behind and pulled the pants into his ankle, Selänne said in 2014.

Your back took revenge a few weeks later.

- I came to training late and emptied all the tires on his car. There, Domi cursed them in 30-degree frost. And I still don’t know today that it was me.

46. ​​Bench Weight Record. During his puck career, the weight halls became familiar to Selänte. As a young man, he pulled 110 pounds to his bench record.

47. A luscious house. The family home on the back is located in the Coto de Caza area of ​​Orange County, Southern California. It has, among other things, five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

When the house was put up for sale a couple of years ago, its price request was $ 6.9 million, or about $ 6.2 million. It was later withdrawn from sale.

The family home on the back is located in the Coto de Caza area of ​​Orange County, Southern California.

Photo: Vesa Koivunen

48. Hockey schools. Selänne has long run various puck schools and summer camps for Finnish junior players. He has not stood on the edge of the field, but has been actively involved in the activities as much as possible.

49. Check. The NHL used to pay salaries by check in an envelope, but has since moved on to bank transfers. Your back was the last Anaheim player to receive his salary as a check.

50. Gift. Many wonder what could be given as a gift to a man who already has everything and a little over. The storage arm gives a sure tip:

- Plectrum! Fortunately, dear friend, the Preserver decides.

The Hockey Association froze Selänne's jersey on December 30, 2015

Photo: Vesa Koivunen