Police have arrested a 34-year-old man on suspicion of sexual offenses against underage girls in the vicinity of Helsinki's Kannelmäki, Helsinki police informs.

The man is suspected of harassing and harassing underage girls as well as adult women. The man, according to police, has tried to make contact with occasional onlookers and start a conversation with them.

According to the police, the motive has apparently been the pursuit of sexual contact. In some cases, the man has touched, hugged, or videotaped the girls.

During the current year and the fall of 2019, the police have received several reports of the man's activities.

Police are currently investigating four acts that criminalize the sexual exploitation of a child or its attempt.

Police hope to contact potential parents of children who have been harassed or the like, or minors, if it turns out that the child has been in contact with a man.

The purpose is to find out if the man has committed other similar acts that are not yet known to the police.

Police say the suspect is a small man with bushy black hair and a bushy black beard.

According to police, the man has a foreign background and is from the Middle East.

According to police, he has tried to talk to the victims in poor Finnish and English.