"Taiwan independence" fears of violating Hong Kong's national security laws, Taiwan media: No one can make trouble, it's useless to hide

  [Global Times reporter Cheng Dong] After Hong Kong’s National Security Law was passed and came into effect, it not only deterred "Hong Kong independence" elements, but the island's "Taiwan independence" forces were also quite nervous. The DPP authorities even attacked the mainland to "manage the actions of non-Hong Kong residents outside Hong Kong" in order to intimidate the people of Taiwan.

 "No one makes trouble, it's useless to hide anywhere"

  For the past few days, the media on the island has continued to interpret Hong Kong’s national security laws and believe that Taiwanese may also be offended. Taiwan’s “United Daily News” said on the 2nd that Article 38 of the Hong Kong National Security Law stipulates that “this law applies to non-Hong Kong residents who commit crimes outside Hong Kong”; Article 36 stipulates that “this crime also applies to ships or aircraft registered in Hong Kong. law". This means that some Taiwanese may break the law outside the mainland and Hong Kong, such as supporting and participating in "Taiwan independence" and "Hong Kong independence" activities in Taiwan. In addition, Taiwanese entering Hong Kong, boarding Hong Kong ships and planes, and connecting in Hong Kong may be arrested if they violate the law. "This Weekly" said, "Anyone who claims to support Hong Kong independence and Taiwan independence may be arrested." For example, if a Taiwanese declares "Hong Kong independence" in Taiwan, this is sure to violate the "Secession Crime" of Article 20 of the National Security Law of Hong Kong; The law was clearly touched when it was "targeted against Hong Kong".

  "China Times" commented on the 2nd that former Hong Kong Chief Secretary for Administration Chen Fang Ansheng withdrew from the political arena, "Hong Kong independence" group "Hong Kong Zhongzhi" core members Huang Zhifeng, Luo Guancong, etc. announced their withdrawal, the organization further announced the dissolution, "all show that The deterrent force of law". The article said that if you use the vernacular to summarize Hong Kong's National Security Law, it is "don't make trouble with me, no one makes trouble, it's useless to hide everywhere, don't think of bail easily."

 The so-called Tinggang is empty bombs

  Chen Mingtong, chairman of the MAC, claimed on the 1st that this is not only Hong Kong and Taiwan, but also a law that the world must pay attention to. "It is a decree issued by the heavenly empire to the people of the world." It must be taken seriously. Tsai Ing-wen declared on the 2nd, "Taiwan's past tense should not be Hong Kong's present tense and future tense. Hope that our efforts to transform justice will also give Hong Kong some encouragement." Mayor Zheng Wencan of Taoyuan, a member of the Democratic Progressive Party, said that after the adoption of the National Security Law in Hong Kong, it has an impact on Taiwan. "Taiwan should be another option for Hong Kong people, whether it is emigration, investment or schooling." The MAC also said on the 2nd that it suggested that the public should avoid crossing the border or travel to the mainland, Hong Kong and Macau.

  United News Network's argument against Chen Mingtong on the 2nd retorted that the "long arm jurisdiction" of the United States has long extended jurisdiction to other regions, from the "fat coffee clause" of global tax recovery to the "Meng Wanzhou incident", " In addition to blatant insults to countries around the world, when did the United States have the sovereignty of other countries in its eyes?" Besides Taiwan, the "Criminal Law" has long stipulated that "perpetrators of Taiwan's aircraft and ships outside the country shall be punished as criminals in the field of Taiwan." , Article 5 of the "Criminal Law" also stipulates 11 kinds of crimes such as civil unrest, foreign troubles, and obstruction of official duties, "the same applies regardless of the place of the crime or the nationality of the offender", which includes "aggravated fraud" or by November 2016 by Cai Published in English, "Is this also the decree issued by the Queen of England to the people of the world?"

  At the same time, the DPP authorities began to declare that they would support Hong Kong people in order to manipulate the topic of Hong Kong. On July 1, Chen Mingtong, chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council, and Zhang Xiaoyue, chairman of the "Taiwan-Hong Kong Economic and Cultural Strategy Conference", jointly unveiled the "Taiwan-Hong Kong Service Exchange Office". The office was established on the basis of the "Hong Kong Humanitarian Aid Action Project" announced by the DPP authorities on June 18. It currently has a staff of about 20. Du Jiafen, director of the MAC Hong Kong and Macau Division, also serves as the director of the office. "United Daily News" said that the MAC does not know whether it is "stealing the title" or "stealing the concept". "Anyway, humanitarian assistance has become a service exchange. Even the topics have been changed. Will it really be helpful? "A comment published in the China Times Newspaper stated bluntly that when the Hong Kong National Security Law was passed, many groups that had originally advocated "Hong Kong independence" were disbanded one after another, and active "Hong Kong independence" elements stated that they would no longer participate in supporting "Hong Kong independence". The activity, "The support given by the DPP and its politicians is empty bombs, with no real effect."

  "DPP is still consuming Hong Kong"

  "China Times" also said on the 2nd that the relationship between Taiwan and Hong Kong will be worse after the Hong Kong National Security Act is officially launched. Because the SAR government refused to issue endorsements, Lu Changshui, the head of the Mainland Affairs Commission’s representative in Hong Kong, "Taipei Economic and Cultural Office," has been unable to take office for two years. "Our office in Hong Kong may be ill-named." The Taipei representative in Macao is also in a vacant state. After the former representative Chen Xuehuai retired in July last year, the DPP authorities did not appoint a new representative, but was represented by the resident officials. Now the agents have returned to Taiwan. The official representative office of the Macau representative office There is little left. The article said that in Hong Kong's National Security Law regarding "collusion of foreign or foreign forces endangering national security", the so-called "foreign" of course mainly refers to the United States, "as for foreign forces, it is obvious that they are coming to Taiwan." Lianhe News said that in response to Hong Kong’s National Security Law, the authorities should not mislead the public by exaggerating distortions or intentionally drawing the wrong focus.

  Some netizens on the island said that none of the so-called "five appeals" of the Hong Kong opposition is reasonable. "They can throw incendiary bombs, bricks, iron branches on the streets, occupy airports, smash the Legislative Council, insult their nation, Insulting the national flag and the national emblem... The government cannot be held accountable afterwards, and the accounts will be settled after the fall?" The United Daily News editorial on the 2nd said that the disorder and destruction of Hong Kong during the "revision storm" last year were unlawful violations in any country. "The DPP is still consuming Hong Kong", Taiwan's "National Policy Research Foundation" senior assistant researcher Xie Zhichuan wrote on the 2nd that Tsai Ing-wen and the DPP started to dodge Hong Kong issues as expected by most people. The standard action of the empty package bombing system. The article said that this year is the 10th anniversary of the signing of the cross-strait ECFA (Framework Agreement for Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation). The DPP should be well aware of its importance to Taiwan. "Will the DPP, Hong Kong's issue be more important than ECFA?"