Then, let's summarize the contents so far, by connecting reporters from the Blue House.

Reporter Jeon Byeong-nam, the most surprised part of today's (3rd) greetings is Park Ji-won, the chief of the National Intelligence Service, who has been appointed as the background.

<Reporter> When the

name'Park Ji-won' appeared in the mouth of a spokesman for the Blue House, low elasticity flowed among the journalists who were interviewed here at the Spring and Autumn Hall.

It was because it was an unexpected surprise card.

A key insider of the Blue House explained, "It may have felt like a nomination for security reasons, but it was actually reviewed at least two weeks ago."

In the middle of last month, it was said that the'Park Jiwon Card' began to be reviewed around the time North Korea exploded the inter-Korean contact office.

It is also said in the Blue House that the supporter Park Ji-won is not a Democrat, and can be seen as a critic.


Another person who was very interested in was Jong-Seok Lim, former director of the Department of Justice, along with Chief Justice Yong-Yong Lee, who became responsible for foreign affairs and security. What is it for?

In the

front report of <Reporter>, I compared it to the role of a'Joker'.

It is likely that former chief Lim Jong-seok will act as an envoy to North Korea, and chief justice Yong will act as an envoy to the United States.

In particular, former chief Lim Jong-suk is well aware of President Moon's peace initiative on the Korean Peninsula, and is the background behind the North's most trusted South Korean greeting.


Among today's greetings, the head of the National Intelligence Service and the Minister of Unification must go through a National Assembly HR hearing.


The reaction of the opposition is not very friendly.

The UNDP is an expert on preventing and turning back, and it is saying that it will make up for the failure of the policy toward North Korea by restoring the remittance line to North Korea.

The Justice Party said it was a pity that it was best to relocate the people responsible for the worsening inter-Korean relations.

Cheong Wa Dae expects that nominees Park Ji-won and In-young Lee have many experience in the National Assembly and that there will be no difficulties in passing the hearing, as many personnel hearing committee members have done so many times.

(Video coverage: Jo Jung-

young, Jeil Il, video editing: Jung Sung-hoon)   ▶ Director of National Intelligence Service Park Ji-won and Unification Minister Lee In-young · Security chief Seo Hoon
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