Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp reported on its blog about five updates, all of which will come to users in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp said the previously rumored and phone-readable qr codes for sharing and adding contacts are now coming. When a user meets someone new, they can add them to their contacts by scanning their qr code.

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Labels previously added to the application to enliven messages can now also be animated. There will be packs of animated stickers that WhatsApp thinks are more fun and expressive. Labels share opinions, but WhatsApp says they have become one of the fastest growing forms of communication in the app, and labels are sent in billions every day.

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Video calls are also enhanced by allowing a participant to maximize to the full screen by holding their finger on it. In addition, a group chat icon will appear where you can start a group video call.

KaiOS users, on the other hand, get to share publications that disappear in 24 hours. KaiOS is a mobile operating system that has been seen on some of HMD's Nokia base phones, among others.

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WhatsApp did not specify whether all of these updates will come first for iOS or Android users, or both at the same time.

However, one innovation applies to those who access WhatsApp on a computer, either through an app or a browser. They are now getting an eye-saving dark space that has been available to mobile users since March.

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These changes are more evident in the world of Facebook’s quest to make WhatsApp a mobile payment tool. The big plans have provoked opposition, and the launch of the service in Brazil’s large market quickly ran into trouble.

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