The name of Vicente Hernández jumped to the press for the first time in 2017 when the young man, born in Lorqui, Murcia, won the crown that made him Mister Spain Pacific World. A few days ago, on June 21, Hernández returned to the headlines, although this time in the events section: he had stabbed to death his father, in the Madrid district of Chamberí.

This Tuesday, the Magistrate's Court number 11 in Madrid decreed that the 25-year-old be admitted to provisional prison, notified and without bail , who, according to El Español, was preparing for the opposition to the National Police Force.

Hernández, who is already serving provisional prison for the alleged crime of homicide, was arrested after killing his father at number 8 Gaztambide Street when, in the course of a family quarrel, he pounced on his father, whom he attacked several times with a knife, and which ended up cutting the throat with several cuts, one of them very deep, in the neck.

Your sister's letter

Apparently, Hernández, who had traveled with his father to the capital to attend a casting, suffered a psychotic outbreak, a hypothesis that the police handle based on the clinical history of the model and that his twin sister would confirm in a letter published by El Spanish. "With this message I want to clarify that what happened was an accident, an accident for love. Both loved each other with madness and my father tried to avoid what he could never have endured, losing his son of soul."

The same media reveals that father and son stayed in the home of a relative, in the aforementioned Madrid neighborhood, which they arrived from Lorqui. The young man began to feel bad, he showered and went to rest. The next thing that happened was the tragic parricide .

A neighbor was the one who gave the warning to 112 since through her window she observed the fight between the two and reported that the murdered had fallen to the ground and was not getting up, according to sources from Emergencies 112 Community of Madrid explained to Europa Press.

National Police agents and a SUMMA 112 mobile ICU went to the area. Already at the home, according to the 112th guard chief, Josefina Guerrero, in statements sent to the media, the health workers found a man 58-year-old conscious lying on the floor and who had various stab wounds to the neck.

"The devil has possessed my father", " my father has tried to attack me, I do not know if I have killed him, but he has attacked me because the demon has possessed him," said the young man to the agents who personalized at home, according to the same medium.

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