Taiwan boasted that “diplomatic breakthrough” with Somaliland was approved: it was simply overcharging

  [Global Times reporter Cheng Dong] Somaliland in Africa was exploded and sent representatives to Taiwan to develop long-term relations with Taiwan. This matter was hyped by Taiwan media as "a major breakthrough in Taiwan's diplomacy" on July 1.

  The China Times News reported on July 1 that this may be a "prelude to the establishment of diplomatic relations", and said "Although Somaliland is not a member of the United Nations, the background is amazing." Somaliland was independent from Somalia. It is located in the Horn of Africa. It was once under British colonial rule and was called "British Somaliland". In the 1960s, when it caught up with the wave of African independence, Somalia officially broke away from British trust for more than 200 years. Later, a civil war broke out in the country, and the "Somali National Movement Party" led by Hillanius announced its division with Somalia on May 18, 1991, and "Somaliland" declared its independence. More than 80% of young people cannot find work. According to reports, Somaliland covers an area of ​​137,000 square kilometers, which is 3.8 times that of Taiwan. It is the world’s largest non-UN member country with a population of about 4 million. After independence, it has been deeply troubled by drought. The capital, Hajisha, has 500,000. people. However, it has not yet been recognized by most countries and international organizations, but it has dealings with the United Kingdom, Belgium, South Africa and Sweden.

  Taiwan’s pro-green Freedom Times said on July 1 that according to the Somaliland Chronicle, Somaliland leader Bich appointed a representative in the “Republic of China” and the “deep contacts” between the two sides have been going on for some time. High-level visits, including at the "minister level", are also underway. The medical group "Luzhu Association" from Taiwan once went to Somaliland for free consultation during the Spring Festival, and recently donated medical supplies to fight against new coronary pneumonia. The report also stated that although Taiwan is not generally recognized by the international community, it has established a "strong relationship" with the United States. "Such as the "Taiwan Relations Act" and the "Taipei Act" show the importance of Taiwan to the United States," Although the candidate for Somaliland's representative in Taipei has not yet been determined, "but it will certainly be a member of the diplomatic team of Somaliland." DPP’s “Legislator” Wang Dingyu said in Facebook that Taiwan’s medical assistance and high-tech industry assistance to Somaliland in New Coronary Pneumonia have successfully established a “substantial meaning” locally. “This diplomatic breakthrough will shake this Africa. Horn Country". Taiwan’s “President of Administration” Su Zhenchang said on July 1 that Tsai Ing-wen presided over the work of “diplomacy” and has been developing in the direction that Taiwan can go out, making friends and being a member of the world, “hoping to make friends and go further Broader and wider".

  On July 1, Taiwan's "Foreign Minister" Wu Zhaoxie announced that it would establish an "official representative office" with Somaliland, saying that Somaliland is rich in mineral resources. Perhaps after the establishment of the representative office, the mutually beneficial relationship between the two parties will be improved. Regarding the scale and level of the representative office, he said that the two sides will send very senior professional "diplomats" to each other. The representative office is named "Taiwan", "because it is an informal diplomatic relationship, the name of the Republic of China is not used." Regarding whether Taiwan recognizes Somaliland as a country, Wu Zhaoxie responded that this time it was not "establishing diplomatic relations", but there are 8 places in the world with representative offices in Somaliland. There is no obvious difference between Taiwan and other regions.

  Lianhe News said on July 1 that Taiwan has been in contact with Somaliland for a long time, and "Luzhu Association" and other groups have held free clinics for a long time to help improve medical conditions. In April 2009, Taiwanese fishing boats were hijacked by pirates in the waters of Somalia. The units notified by Taiwan’s “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” at that time included the Port Authority of Berbera, the largest port in Somaliland, in addition to the International Maritime Organization and the US Fifth Fleet. During Ma Ying-jeou's reign in August 2015, Somaliland granted visa-free entry to the island's citizens and could stay for up to 90 days. In November last year, Taiwan’s “Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Asian-African Department” officials visited Somaliland to meet the head of their central bank. In February of this year, Taiwan’s “Ministry of Foreign Affairs”, the “China Council” responsible for foreign aid, visited Somaliland for several weeks to discuss cooperation on agricultural, health and technological development.

  The Kuomintang said that Somaliland has no "diplomatic diplomacy" and is not recognized by any important international organizations. Taiwan's "diplomatic" resources are limited, but the salary of personnel who set up a representative office in Somaliland and the purchase of property are quite expensive. The actual benefits are very low. Lianhe News said that Somaliland and Taiwan are both "international orphans," and the so-called "diplomatic breakthrough" may be a major internal declaration. According to some media, Tsai Ing-wen has been in power for four years and "broken diplomatic relations" with seven countries, including Sao Tome and Principe, Panama, Dominica, Burkina Faso, El Salvador, Solomon Islands and Kiribati. Some netizens criticized, "This is also called a diplomatic breakthrough! It's simply overcharging, plus stupid people! Somaliland, this country of pirates is not recognized by any country even the Horn of Africa (diplomatic dilemma is even worse than Taiwan, zero diplomatic relations). Facing the worst inflation since the separation of Somalia, does Taiwan want financial assistance to help the country solve it?"