The harvest season for domestic strawberries is at its best right now. The heat of previous weeks helped the berry to grow well and on the sales desks even before Midsummer.

According to the Association of Fruit and Berry Growers, the harvest season was expected to be early due to the mild winter, but the coolness of April – May slowed the arrival of summer and the development of the harvest.

As late as mid-June, it was about a week behind schedule.

The price of a liter of strawberry is a topic that interests Finns every year. The Association of Fruit and Berry Growers does not evaluate the price range for strawberries.

- There would be a conflict of interest, says Miika Ilomäki, the association's executive director.

The price is affected by the weather and the prices of other sellers

IS found out from ten Markets and markets selling strawberries how much a liter of strawberries costs.

At its cheapest, a box of five kilos of strawberries costs 25 euros, while the most expensive ones can be shelled up to 40 euros.

Not very many Markets sell five-pound boxes, but there are berry booths in front of the shops where you can buy a box of strawberries with you.

Some of HOK Elanto's Prisms sell three-kilo strawberry boxes instead of five-kilo boxes.

There is some variation in liter prices between markets and supermarkets, for example. In the markets, the average price of a liter of strawberries is around 5–6 euros, while in Prisms and K-Citymarkets the price of a liter of strawberries may rise to more than seven euros.

The heat went away, but the trade is going on

Paavo Pesä, the market supervisor in Tampere's Tammelantori, says that strawberries are sold in five-kilo boxes in the market in a price range of 25–40 euros, depending on the variety.

- The majority probably think about 30 euros per box. Prices per liter, on the other hand, range between five and six euros.

According to the nest, there is enough to sell.

- It was a pretty special spring, but especially the boxes do their business.

In Kuopio you will find the cheapest liter of strawberries in the ring tour.

- The price per liter for traders is four euros. A five-kilo box costs 30–35 euros, depending on what kind of strawberry you want, says market supervisor Johannes Teppo.

The price per liter at the Turku Market Square is six euros. According to market supervisor Reima Kastman, a five-kilo strawberry box costs 35–39 euros in Turku.

- It is quite nice to shop, even though water has come in a few days. Then, when it doesn’t rain, a trade is made, Kastman smiles.

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