China News Service, July 2 (Xinhuanet) reported that according to the Russian Satellite Network, on July 2 local time, the Russian Central Election Commission has completed the referendum on the amendment to the Russian Constitution. The results show that 77.92% of voters voted for the constitutional amendment.

  According to reports, according to the data from the Information Center of the Central Election Commission, 77.92% of Russian citizens voted in favor of passing the constitutional amendment, and 21.27% opposed it.

On June 25 local time, the Russian people registered at the polling station No. 2766 in Moscow to collect their votes. On that day, the draft amendment to the Russian Constitution began a referendum. China News Service reporter Wang Xiujun

  According to reports, the constitutional amendments include strengthening the power of the State Duma in the formation of government cabinets; giving the Federal Council the power to appoint the president and judges of the Supreme Court; prohibiting senior officials from holding dual nationality or long-term foreign residence permits; clarifying the status of the Federal Council of State Wait.

  Since then, when the State Duma conducted the second reading of the draft constitution amendment, it added content that allows the current Russian president to participate in the 2024 presidential election again.

  The national vote on the amendment to the Russian Constitution was originally scheduled for April 22, but it was postponed due to the epidemic. Russian President Vladimir Putin then signed a presidential decree, announcing that the voting date was changed to July 1. Based on the new crown epidemic situation and the safety of the residents, it was finally decided that the referendum to amend the constitution will start on June 25 and end on July 1.