• United Kingdom: British Justice sentences that Juan Guaidó, and not Nicolás Maduro, can access the gold deposited in the Bank of England
  • Venezuela.The EU summons the Venezuelan ambassador to Brussels

Reverse of Nicolás Maduro in his diplomatic war against the European Union (EU). The revolutionary head has decided to rescind the expulsion of the European diplomatic representative in Caracas, after the conversation between his chancellor, Jorge Arreaza, and the EU High Representative, Josep Borrell.

Both sides "agreed on the need to maintain the framework of diplomatic relations, especially at times when cooperation between the two sides can facilitate the paths of political dialogue," Brussels said in a statement today.

Since yesterday afternoon, after the Spanish ambassador, Jesús Silva, and Arreaza himself met, he braked the brakes and reversed after Maduro's "warmer", which forced a diplomatic war with the EU at the worst possible time to sell to the world its operation against the opposition and the democratic Parliament.

Maduro even boasted on Monday that he was going to lend ambassador Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa a plane to leave Venezuela in 72 hours, despite the closure of airports and borders due to Covid-19. All this surrounded by a gale of expletives and threats against Europeans: racists, supremacists, colonialists, interventionists ...

In this way Brilhante will no longer be persona non grata, at least for the moment. Both parties "agreed to promote diplomatic contacts between the parties at the highest level, within the framework of sincere cooperation and respect for international law."

Some contacts that did not advance an inch after the last conversation between Borrell and Arreaza, after the Chavista onslaught against the opposition. The attempt by the Spanish leader to mediate by publicizing the intervention of the main opposition parties, one of them a historical ally of the PSOE, ended with a loud door slam.

"We express the Bolivarian government's annoyance with the EU at the permanent insistence on meddling in Venezuela's internal affairs," Arreaza warned on his social networks, after confirming the backing down as a "gesture" so as not to hinder dialogue with the EU .

"Venezuela hopes that there will be some kind of gesture that will accompany the one we have made," insisted Arreaza, who also had words for Spain: "We hope that it is avoided that from the residence of Spain in Venezuela, conspiring against the peace and stability of Venezuela "

Chavismo imposed a tailor-made National Electoral Council (CNE), despite being a minority, with three of the five electoral rectors. In addition, the two representatives of the opposition were handed over to groups close to the Government.

The fourth round of sanctions against eight Chavista leaders and three deputies expelled from the opposition provoked Maduro's furious reaction, now corrected. Among them is Comptroller Elvis Amoroso, one of Maduro's closest revolutionary leaders.

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VenezuelaThe EU summons the Venezuelan ambassador to Brussels

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