On January 8 this year Madeleine Persson woke up and learned that there had been an air crash outside Tehran.

- I knew Dad would go that day.

She sent several messages, but received no reply. She also called the Foreign Ministry, but could not get any information.

- Finally I googled and got to see the passenger list. When I saw my dad's name, I just screamed. I couldn't stop screaming and tears just flowed.

Didn't hear anything

From January to March she has had regular contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but in recent months she has heard nothing.

- No e-mail or anything, so I can contact them again and hear what happens.

Foreign Minister Ann Linde has now announced that the countries that had citizens on the planet should negotiate jointly with Iran on compensation to the victims' relatives. The amounts involved are not clear.

Want to see change

Madeleine Persson says it is not about money but about Iran taking responsibility for what has happened and punishing the guilty.

- As soon as we know what is happening to them and what the Iranian state is doing, you can see that they take some responsibility. I want to see some change so that it doesn't happen again.

She says the fact that the plane was shot down and not crashed makes everything feel worse.

- Someone shot, aiming at the plane. It's awful.

Something that Mahdi Emami really looked forward to was that Madeleine Persson would take the student, something she did earlier this summer. He had already chosen which image of her would be on the student poster.

- I had his picture on a button on my dress so he was with me and saw everything that day, she says.