Municipal in Marseille: withdrawal of Martine Vassal in favor of the deputy LR Guy Teissier

Martine Vassal and Jean-Claude Gaudin, June 24, 2020. CLEMENT MAHOUDEAU / AFP

The negotiations for the election of the mayor of Marseille, after the second round of municipal elections on June 28, did not allow a clear majority in the city of Marseille. The candidate Les Républicains Martine Vassal announced this Thursday her withdrawal in favor of the deputy Guy Tessier. The municipal councilors' vote is scheduled for Saturday, July 4. 


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Who will succeed Jean-Claude Gaudin, mayor of Marseille for a quarter of a century? We still don't know. What we do know, however, is that it will not be Martine Vassal (Les Républicains). The president of the metropolis and the department of Bouches-du-Rhône has just announced that she is withdrawing from the race. LR will therefore present the candidacy of Guy Teissier, 75, also a member of parliament.

The number of municipal councilors on each list is indeed insufficient to reach an absolute majority. It is therefore the race for alliances and the LR list of Martine Vassal, second, with three late municipal councilors, tries all for all with this unexpected announcement. 

"  I made the choice of wisdom, I made the choice of experience, I made the choice of consensus  ", declared during a press conference Ms. Vassal, alongside Guy Teissier, assuring also that the dissident candidate LR Bruno Gilles was going to bring his three votes to the latter during the election of the mayor scheduled for Saturday, July 4. Bruno Gilles having recently indicated that he was ready to vote for an LR candidate, but not for Ms. Vassal.

On June 28, the union of the left, known as the Marseilles Spring, came largely ahead across the second largest city in France. But the election of the mayor, as in Paris and Lyon, is played by sectors.

With Mr. Gilles joining LR, the two now have 42 votes each on the board, where the absolute majority is 51 votes. All eyes are therefore on the list of ex-PS senator Samia Ghali who has eight elected councilors and who could therefore change the situation.  

(With AFP)

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