02 July 2020 The Palermo Public Prosecutor's Office has asked for the indictment of the bosses Antonino Madonia and Gaetano Scotto accused of the murder of the police officer Antonino Agostino and his wife Ida Castelluccio. The trial was also requested for Francesco Paolo Rizzuto, an accused of aiding and abetting.

Agostino and his wife, who was expecting a baby, were murdered on the evening of August 5, 1989 in front of the family home in Villagrazia di Carini (Palermo). To shoot were two killers who arrived aboard a large engine, found burned after the crime. A murder that has remained unsolved for years. Then the investigation by the Prosecutor of Palermo ended with a request for dismissal which was followed by the avocation of the General Prosecutor. From the investigation that the Prosecutor General delegated to the Dia it emerged that the agent Agostino, formally assigned to the Steering Wheels, collaborated with the Secret Services in the investigations aimed at the search for fugitives from the Mafia.

In the reconstruction of the General Prosecutor's Office, it emerged that the victim was part, together with Emanuele Piazza, who was also assassinated, Giovanni Aiello, who died of a heart attack a year ago, Guido Paolilli, police officer and other members at the time of top security services , of an intelligence structure that carried out the official search for fugitives, but in reality had opaque relationships with Cosa Nostra. Agostino would have understood the real purposes of the structure to which he belonged (to which he had offered a trail to get to the capture of Salvatore Riina in San Giuseppe Jato), and had left it shortly before his wedding: hence the decision to assassinate him.

La Dia investigated the relationships between exponents of the institutions and the mafia bosses Madonia, boss of Resuttana, and Scotto, which has always been referred to as a trait d'union with members of the Security Services. Decisive in the investigation were the declarations of the repentant Vito Gelatolo, Francesco Marino Mannoia, Giovanni Brusca, Giuseppe Marchese, Francesco Onorato, but also of witnesses close to Agostino, as colleagues and family members. Further confirmations came from telephone interceptions, which demonstrated the involvement of the structure in the sidings of some investigations. From the investigation conducted by the DDA of Palermo and acquired by the General Prosecutor, relations of Agostino also emerged with the judge Giovanni Falcone during the phase in which he investigated the so-called black track for the murder of the President of the Sicilian Region Piersanti Mattarella.

In the context of the new investigations, the figure of Francesco Paolo Rizzuto emerged, called "Paolotto", who in 1989 was a friend of Agostino and who had participated in a fishing trip with the victim the night before the crime. The two had slept at Agostino's house in Villagrazia di Carini. The next morning, Agostino would go to the office, while Rizzuto would stay with the Agostinos. According to investigators, on several occasions he would have lied about what happened on the day and place of the crime.