Justice announced on Thursday that it has once again succeeded in cracking an encrypted communication service. The EncroChat program was extensively used by criminals, whose conversations have now come into the hands of the police. It has led to dozens of arrests.

Eurojust and Europol proudly presented the first results at a specially organized press conference at the former's headquarters in The Hague. After cracking the servers of Ennetcom, PGP Safe and breaking into chat program IronChat, justice is again successful.

The EncroChat server was located in France, which says that it has a mountain of information because they could watch live communication with criminals for some time.

The Dutch judiciary has also been able to read 20 million messages live.

The news was already announced after EncroChat users were warned on June 13. The provider of encrypted PGP phones said that it was hacked and that it can no longer guarantee the security of EncroChat.

The triad of arrests in previous weeks is directly related to getting encrypted communication. Messages sent with services like EncroChat play an important role as evidence in criminal cases.