China News Agency, Berlin, July 2 (Reporter Peng Dawei) On the 1st, Germany formally took over the six-year rotating EU presidency. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on the same day that Germany will commit to supporting the European Council to reach an agreement on the economic and social recovery plan as soon as possible, so that the EU economy will usher in a timely and sustainable recovery.

The picture shows the German Foreign Minister Mas held a video conference (video screenshot). China News Service reporter Peng Dawei

  During the day, Croatian Foreign Minister Radman and German Foreign Minister Maas, who had just resigned from the EU presidency, passed the "relay baton" symbolizing the presidency in front of the Berlin landmark building Brandenburg.

  When Merkel went to the German Bundestag in response to questions from parliamentarians, he outlined Germany's main assumptions during the EU presidency.

  "Germany took over the six-month rotating EU presidency at a difficult time today. Of course our presidency will be panned by the new crown, branded by the fight against the epidemic and overcoming its impact." Merkel Said that as the rotating presidency, Germany and she will stand by the President of the European Council Michelle, "I will support him to promote the rapid agreement of all parties (on the recovery plan) so that a timely and sustainable economic recovery becomes may."

The picture shows the German flag, the European Union flag and the Croatian flag of the last rotating presidency. China News Service reporter Peng Dawei

  Merkel said that she and the entire German federal government are determined to do everything in their power to promote "we move forward together as Europeans".

  In the vision set forth by Merkel, addressing climate change, digital sovereignty, and the role of the European Union in the world will also be key issues during the German presidency.

  German Foreign Policy Association (DGAP) expert Julian Lapold said that the main focus of southern European countries is the European Recovery Fund of 750 billion euros. He analyzed that although Germany was criticized for lack of solidarity at the beginning of the outbreak, because Germany and France proposed a joint debt plan to freely rescue countries affected by the outbreak, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon and Athens now feel that the "German government and their stand Together".

  "This makes people hope that Germany can use its presidency to promote the most important element of this recovery plan and coordinate in the middle to quickly reach an agreement." He said.

  The CEO of the European Climate Foundation, Laurent Tibiana, told China News Agency that Germany took over the rotating presidency of the EU at a critical moment, "We are at a crossroads, and leaders of all countries can choose economic'green 'Recovery, accelerate the pace of transformation and increase investment in future-oriented fields and positions, and if recovery funds are limited to the'old economy', we will face the risk of losing at least ten years in climate action." (End)