Radio presenter Esko Eerikäinen says in the stories section of Instagram that he has received a lot of curiosity about whether he is returning with his ex-wife Martina Aitolehti.

The cluster of curious messages originated when Eerikäinen unexpectedly published a picture of his ex-wife Martina and daughter Victoria, 10, at a restaurant.

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Both Martina and Esko are both singles at the moment.

- This is often asked by me if you are returning together and if you could not return at all, Esko begins.

- As much as I like and care about Martina, we haven't been at that point for a long time thinking about such things.

Esko Eerikäinen and Martina Aitolehti had followed the celebrity couple in recent years until the duo ended up quarreling.

Photo: Ulla-Maija Lähteenmäki

Martina and Esko were married from 2007 to 2011. Today, the former couple shares equally the parenting of their daughter Victoria.

- Two divorced people can be good friends with each other and I think our thing works better than ever during marriage. We respect each other differently, we have become friends, we talk about things differently than before, and together we raise a person to be social.

In her book, published in March, Aitolehti told how the ex-couple once resigned in turbulent characters when Martina met Stefan. The couple went on a ski trip together to Lapland, where Martina stayed to celebrate Esko for a longer time.

Esko and Martina's daughter Victoria is on her parents' shifts.

Indeed, the ex-couple have later said in interviews that the shared strong love for their daughter helped them stay warm over the years as well. Today, Victoria is on her parents' shifts.

- I am now disappointed to say that there is no going back together - neither now nor ever. Martina is a very good person and mother, but we will not become a couple anymore, Esko says.

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