The death toll from a Thursday landslide in a jade mine in Myanmar has risen to 162, reports local authorities, BBC News reports . At least 54 injured people were also transported to hospitals.

People are still missing. It is unclear exactly how many people are still missing. Rescuers are looking for survivors. The dead are mainly miners.

According to the fire brigade, the cause of the landslide was the persistent rainfall (monsoon) in combination with the extraction of jade. Mud currents arose as a result of the landslide.

During the rainy season it is very dangerous to work in the mines because of the risk of landslides. Last year, a law was introduced to improve supervision, but government critics say too little is happening.

"Miners ignored warning"

Police said miners were warned on Wednesday not to enter the mines on Thursday. However, many miners would have ignored this warning. Some others followed the advice. The death toll could otherwise have been even higher, according to the police.

The incident occurred near the town of Hpakant in northern Myanmar, an area rich in jade that has seen deadly landslides in the past. Thursday's landslide was the largest in more than five years.

Last year, two landslides in April and July killed a total of about 70 miners. In 2015, it involved more than a hundred deaths.


People flee during deadly landslide in Myanmar