• Covid-19, data from the Ministry of Health: 21 dead, 469 recovered and 187 new cases
  • Coronavirus, Hope: "Possible second wave, respect the rules"


02 July 2020The updated situation in Italy and in the world

These are the data released by the Ministry of Health on coronavirus in Italy.

The total defli currently positive in Italy is 15,060, with a decrease of 195 patients compared to yesterday.

Between discharged and healed there are 191,083, 366 more compared to yesterday's data.

30 people have died in the last 24 hours, with a total of 34,818 Covid-19 victims in Italy.

The total cases thus became 240,961 (+ 201).

In Lombardy , 9,440 swabs were made for a total of 1,054,415. There are 98 new positive cases (of which 30 following serological tests and 36 'weakly positive'). Between healed and discharged there are 67,610 cases (+188), the overall total: (65,267 healed and 2,343 discharged). In intensive care there are 41 patients like yesterday; 241 (-36) hospitalized non-ICU patients. There are 21 deaths, the grand total: 16,671.