On Thursday, a new agreement was signed between the municipality of Uppsala and the Swedish Social Union. In 2018, the band final returned to Uppsala after playing in Stockholm for five seasons. This year's final was different when the corona pandemic stopped the audience.

- After this year's missed bandy party as a result of the corona pandemic, I am pleased that we can welcome the bandy finals to Uppsala next year. We have signed a one-year agreement, ”says Erik Pelling (S), chairman of the local council in a press release.

Attracted 14,000 fans

The student band band is rebuilt, which is described as the reason for the short contract. According to destination Uppsala, the 2019 final attracted about 14,000 bandy fans.

- Getting the opportunity to play the band finals in Uppsala also in 2021 feels good. We are pleased that, with continued good cooperation, we from the Swedish Bandy Association and Uppsala Municipality can offer yet another classic final at the Students' Association, says Per-Anders Gustafsson, Chairman of the Swedish Bandy Association.