Tui's charter plan to Rhodes is postponed indefinitely, and SAS's two flights to Thessaloniki are canceled.

Adam Györki, Tui's press officer, says that they are currently in negotiations with the Greek Civil Aviation Authority and that they are doing everything possible for their customers to get away.

- It's like this: in order for us to be able to land, the Greek Civil Aviation Administration needs to sign a number of papers. Since the flight was put in very late and that the situation has been complicated, not all paperwork has yet been done and therefore we have chosen to postpone this flight.

But so far, Tui has no message for travelers.

- It is still very early in the morning but we have been approved to fly two planes to Greece by the Greek government. One aircraft now today and one in a week. This is the last thing left for us to be able to do this flight but not everything is in place yet.

Greece repented

Were you a little quick to deploy these flights?

- In connection with the Foreign Ministry saying that "now it is okay to go to Greece", then it was also okay for the Greeks that we go there. It was about two weeks ago and then we chose to cancel these flights.

- Then came a few days ago that you have regretted in Greece, you do not want Swedes there because the situation has been too bad with the corona center. Since then, we have worked to ensure that our travelers can still come on vacation.

Shouldn't you have waited?

- No I do not think so. When the Foreign Ministry said it was okay and the Greeks said it was okay to come then we wanted to get started. Of course, we wanted to get off the flight. We still want that and that is our ambition - that we should get away.

SVT's reporter on site, Erik Galli, says that he has spoken to travelers who are noticeably annoyed.

- The tickets started selling about two weeks ago. I talked to some who are Greeks and who have houses there. They say they have been waiting for months to come back.