The Timac Agro factory of the Roullier group, here on the port of Saint-Malo. - C. Allain / 20 Minutes

  • The administrative court of Saint-Malo appointed this Thursday an independent expert who will be responsible for analyzing the releases from Timac Agro.
  • The Roullier group factory, located on the port, is accused by local residents of polluting the air in the corsair town.

In Saint-Malo, Timac Agro will now be under surveillance. The city court on Thursday ordered an expert opinion on the “odor nuisance” and the rejections of the plant of fertilizer and animal nutrition which have been denounced for several months by residents and a local association. In his decision, the judge in chambers considers that there is a "legitimate reason" to order this expertise because of "contradictions between the numerous attestations, the findings, the measurements carried out" by the company Timac and "the numerous press articles And the final report from the air quality monitoring agency Air Breizh.

The Parisian expert designated by the court will in particular "say whether the odor nuisance and the discharge exceed normal neighborhood disturbances and describe and quantify the work necessary to ensure regulatory compliance and the controlled health risk and reduce the odor nuisance and ammonia releases. The expert, whose report is expected within nine months, may not, however, be provided with documents on the "manufacturing or production processes" of the factory or on the "descriptions of the components used and the manufactured products ”.

Factory residents shout victory

"It's won. We have the appointment of an expert to the Paris Court of Appeal. This is what we expected, ”said Virginie Le Roy, lawyer for twelve residents of Falkland, among whom members of the association Osons! According to her, this "symbolic decision" was made in the presence of several of these inhabitants who had summoned Timac Agro for civil emergency proceedings for "abnormal neighborhood disturbances". One of the two accused sites, an installation classified for environmental protection (ICPE), is located on the inner quay of the port of Saint-Malo, not far from the old town.

Questioned, Alain Guillard, spokesperson for Osons!, Had mentioned "air pollution, odors, green particles and dust which show that the manufacturing process is not under control". The activist said that "during confinement, residents (could not even) open their windows," reporting headaches and respiratory problems among residents.

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