There are four clubs in southern Sweden that support the application for the Chancellor of Justice (JK): Red Devils in Norrköping and Sala, as well as Värmländska Outbreak MC and Boråsklubben Blodörn MC.

The application is submitted by a legal representative for the organization Payback Sweden. The fact that the claim for damages landed at SEK 100,000 per club justifies the agent by saying that "the amount must be so extensive that in the future it also prevents the authorities from continuing to violate, harass, discriminate or systematically violate the law in the work against bikers and biker clubs".

They also want JK to open a so-called supervisory case against the work of the police and other authorities against the clubs and refer to international conventions.

The harassment examples given in the notification mainly concern events in 2019. The Ombud also addresses other closed or ongoing cases with both JK and the Ombudsman for Justice which the organization is responsible for.