An old American couple infected with Corona19 died lying side by side and holding hands.

On the 1st of the local time, foreigners such as CNN of the United States introduced the story of the couple who died at the Fort Worth Hospital in Texas after 53 years of married life.

High school alumni, wife Betty and husband Curtis began dating after becoming adults, and in 1967 made a 100 year contract. Afterwards, the two had a son Tim and daughter Trisha, devoted themselves to each other, and lived happily ever after, but at the beginning of last month, Betty's infection with Corona 19 had a great challenge.
Two days after Betty was admitted to the hospital, her husband, Curtis, was also tested at the prosecutor's office and admitted to the same hospital. Even if not in the same room, Mr. Curtis comforted the couple's closeness and was relatively good at fighting. However, his wife's health deteriorated from day to day, and eventually Betty accepted the situation where she had to organize her life by saying to her son Tim, "I'm ready to go.

When this news arrived, Mr. Curtis' health, which was okay, began to deteriorate rapidly. In response, Blake Sron, an emergency room nurse who cared for both, came up with an idea for the couple to say goodbye. The nurse carefully moved Mr. Betty's bed, lying unconsciously, next to Mr. Curtis' bed.

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Likewise, Curtis, who was lying down without energy, looked at the wife's side, waving her eyebrows at the nurse saying, "My wife is next to me." Then I grasped my wife's hand. That was their last greeting. 80-year-old Betty passed away 20 minutes after her husband joined hands, and 25 minutes later, 79-year-old Curtis closed her eyes. 

"My parents were not able to keep my deathbed because of the shutdown," said his son Tim. "It's so sad that the two of them went on the same day is a great comfort on the one hand." He also said, "Thanks to the medical staff who created this opportunity even though we didn't ask."

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(Photo = CNN, GMA website capture)