Finland's major telemarketers have published their list of best-selling phones in June. According to Telia, DNA and Elisa, demand for mobile phones was particularly strong last month. According to Telia, sales have now returned to normal levels after the crown-induced slump. According to DNA, the number of store customers has also returned to normal levels.

As IS Digitoday previously reported, the May sales season was largely unfulfilled when phones were not purchased as graduation gifts after graduation.

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In the summer, special offer phones were sold in particular.

Both Gigantti and Veikon Kone said that the iPhone 11 made a severe sales wreck in the early summer. Huawei P Smart, which costs less than 120 euros, is also an enduring favorite.

However, the undisputed king of Finnish telephone sales is Samsung. Sales data is published by 5 retail chains in Finland. There are a total of 8 lists, as many vendors differentiate between equipment purchased by personal and business customers. In these 8 lists, Samsung has a total of 6 first places.

Out of a total of 80 list rankings, Samsung holds almost half, or 39. The second most popular manufacturer, Apple, has 22 rankings.

Huawei has 8 rankings and its Honor subsidiary brand 3. It is noteworthy that all of these phones are older models that are still based on Google services. The Chinese manufacturer has not yet managed to get any phone with only its own AppGallery app store on the top lists.

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Other manufacturers, namely Motorola, HMD Global’s Nokia and OnePlus, only get a couple of rankings on the charts each.

In addition to the traditionally successful manufacturers on the list, Ville Valkama, Elisa's business director for personal customers, says in a press release that Motorola, Xiaom and Sony are showing signs of growth.

There are two reasons behind Samsung's strong position. The first is the collapse and disappearance of the popular Nokia in Finland after the failure of Windows Phones. The biggest winners in a market vacuum were Samsung and Huawei. Huawei, meanwhile, lost market share after being subject to U.S. sanctions, further strengthening Samsung's position.