China News Service, July 1st. According to Korean media reports, the Gangwon Regional Police Department of South Korea stated on July 1st that it had formed a digital sex crime investigation team in March to track the purchaser of sexual exploitation videos or photos in Room "N." A total of 131 people were arrested.

  It is reported that some of these people purchase 200 or more of 14,000 sexual exploitation videos or photos at a price ranging from 10,000 won to 300,000 won at a time, and more than 80% of the purchasers are teenagers and 20s. Young people.

  The South Korean police detained two people who bought and produced illegal photographs and products of sexual exploitation for suspected violations of laws related to child and adolescent sexual protection (referred to as the "Adolescent Sex Protection Law"); the violation of the "Adolescent Sex Protection Law" for 129 people was The case was filed without detention.

  In addition, the police cooperated with relevant agencies to take protection and assistance measures for the identified victims, and removed all the more than 100,000 sexual exploitation products owned by the purchasers. It was confirmed that the videos or photos of sexual exploitation purchased by the suspects have not been distributed again.

  A police source said: "The suspects who have spread or purchased or possessed products of sexual exploitation will be thoroughly investigated, and every effort will be made to eradicate digital sex crimes."

  According to previous reports, Korean media recently exposed a series of cybercrime incidents, collectively referred to as the "room N" case. Someone has uploaded and shared illegally captured sexual exploitation videos and photos in an encrypted chat room set up on instant messaging software, which can only be viewed by paying to become a member. The platform can set up private chats, delete information regularly after reading, etc., to support virtual currency transactions.