Michèle Rubirola in front of the town hall of Marseille - Alain ROBERT / SIPA

  • Michèle Rubirola, called Samia Ghali to join her to form an absolute majority on the municipal council of Marseille.
  • Despite her large victory in number of votes, Michèle Rubirola only has 42 municipal councilors, when the absolute majority requires 51.

The head of the ecological list of Printemps Marseillais, Michèle Rubirola, called on Wednesday the ex-socialist Samia Ghali and her running mates to join her for the municipal council which will elect the mayor of the second city of France on Saturday, the outcome of which remains uncertain facing the Republicans.

"I would like them to work with us (...) by sharing with Printemps Marseillais a project that ensures a rebalancing of Marseille and its public policies in all sectors", wrote in a press release Michèle Rubirola, addressing " Samia Ghali and her running mates ”.

Samia Ghali remains silent

Sunday evening, the lists of Printemps Marseillais, led by Michèle Rubirola, largely exceeded those of the president LR of the metropolis and the department, Martine Vassal, with 38% of the votes, against 30% and four sectors against three.

But, as in Paris and Lyon, the ballot in Marseille is played by sectors and the second round only resulted in a relative majority for the left, with 42 municipal councilors out of 101. Behind Michèle Rubirola, Martine Vassal, beaten in its own stronghold, can count on 39 advisers.

With eight advisers, Samia Ghali, re-elected in her sector can overturn the election. Very coveted, the senator, now out of business with the PS, has been silent on her intentions since Sunday.

Among the last 12 members of the City Council who will elect the new mayor of Marseille on Saturday, nine wear the colors of the National Rally and three were elected from the lists of Bruno Gilles, a dissident LR senator.

At least 51 votes

To be sure to succeed Jean-Claude Gaudin, mayor of the Marseille city for twenty-five years, who did not stand for re-election, the future mayor will have to gather at least 51 votes in the municipal council. If no candidate reaches this absolute majority during the first two rounds, a third round takes place by relative majority.

"No one wants to add a democratic crisis to the social, environmental and health crisis that Marseilles is experiencing", continues Michèle Rubirola, according to whom "the Marseillais (...) would not understand that a minority right in the city, minority in the ballot boxes, beaten in its fief, can be maintained at the cost of hazardous and unworthy political maneuvers ”. "No one can betray this expectation and this hope expressed by the Marseillais on Sunday," she insists.


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