Wiesbaden (dpa) - One year after the approval of the new e-scooters, for the first time secured accident numbers are available: From January to March 2020, the police registered a total of 251 accidents in which people were injured or killed.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, an e-scooter driver was killed. 39 were seriously injured and 182 slightly injured in accidents involving so-called small electric vehicles.

"E-scooters therefore still play a comparatively minor role in the accident," the statisticians in Wiesbaden report. During the same period, for example, there were 12,700 bicycle accidents that injured people. 52 cyclists died, 2052 were seriously injured and 10.431 were slightly injured.

E-scooters have been approved in Germany since June 15, 2019. The police have recorded accidents with these vehicles separately but only since January 1, 2020. Users must use bicycle lanes or ride on the street, the use of the sidewalks is prohibited. You don't need a driver's license.

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