Egypt tourist facility reopens after 100 days New Coronavirus July 2 at 4:19

In Egypt in the Middle East, a tourist facility that had been closed all over the country due to the new coronavirus was reopened for the first time in 100 days, and tourists returned to the pyramid.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, Egypt closed tourist sites such as archaeological sites all over the country from late March, but resumed accepting tourists for the first time in 100 days a day.

Among them, in the pyramid of Giza, one of Egypt's leading tourist destinations, a lane was set up in front of the ticket office to keep the distance between customers, and infection measures such as measuring body temperature were taken.

However, the appearance of tourists was sparse because only some international flights have been resumed.

A Moroccan woman, who has been stalled in Egypt because of the spread of the infection, said, "I'm very happy to see the pyramid. I hope this crisis will pass soon and we will be able to return to our previous lives." It was

Tarek Abdelgafa, who runs a souvenir shop near the Pyramid, also opened the shop after about three months.

“I'm very happy that the pyramid has restarted, but there are still a few customers. We want you to come to Egypt little by little,” said Mr. Tarek.

The government has taken steps to resume economic activity since the end of last month, but the number of new infected people per day is still over 1,000, and it is an issue to balance economic reconstruction and infection control.

Anani Tourism and Archaeologist visited the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, which was reopened on the 1st, and said, “Today was a very important day for tourism in Egypt. I want to protect tourists in Japan,” and expressed expectations for the recovery of tourism in major industries.