3 penalty kicks, a goal with friendly fire, and decisive interference with assist-referee technology (var) in resolving the correctness of key referee decisions; A prominent feature of the La Liga top 33 was between Barcelona and its guest, Atlético de Madrid.

The third consecutive tie for Barcelona gave Real Madrid the opportunity to distance by 4 points in the lead, in case the Royal won over Getafe on Thursday.

The numbers reveal that Barcelona tied 3 of the last 4 League matches, the same number of draws during the previous 26 matches this season.

Returning to the match started by Argentine star Lionel Messi with a corner kick that resulted in the first goal of striker Diego Costa's error in his team's goal, and minutes later the Belgian Yannick Carrasco launched a quick attack on Barca's defenses, and he was hampered by Chilean Arturo Vidal inside the penalty area, and was awarded a penalty that raised a lot of confusion .

The kick was given to Costa to make up for his mistake, but he hit it with a blow, and Barcelona goalkeeper Tirtstegen brilliantly blocked it, but the referee and after the intervention of the "mouse" asked to return the penalty kick because of the German goalkeeper's move, to return this time the Saul midfielder and score it.

And about the two shots, the Spaniard Oliver Andokhar says that "the mistake undoubtedly exists and the decision is correct, and even the return of the kick is correct because Stegen was outside the goal line at the moment of the shot, and the mouse confirmed the decision."

With the start of the second half, the Portuguese Nelson Simedo, the right back of Barca, repeated what Carrasco did, and he committed a foul, and the referee awarded a penalty from which Messi scored - in the manner of Panenka - his goal No. 700, and no one objected to the error, and the mouse confirmed the correctness of the decision.

Since the match was full of mistakes, Carrasco returned to storm the front of Simido, who committed a mistake against him inside the forbidden region, to return the same scenario, as the referee calculated the kick, and the flee confirmed it, and Saoul hit it, but this time Stegan correctly addressed it, but she entered the goal declaring the equalizer For the capital team, a dot point for Diego Simeone's men, while Kiki Sitten's men are on their way to losing a title they have won 8 times in the last 11 seasons.