It was at the end of March that the ordinary suppliers could not deliver protective equipment to the municipality of Umeå. The pressure for protective equipment was great throughout the world.

Then the municipality turned to a new supplier and bought 28,000 mouthpieces with Chinese markings and about 6,000 of them have been used in the business. But employees reacted to the quality of the protection, among other things, set them too loose.

Too bad filtration

Now tests conducted by FOI show that the protection filtration was sometimes only 86 percent - when it should be at 96 percent.

On May 18, the municipality of Umeå made the decision not to send out more of the mouthguards to the operations and on June 5, they were completely removed. By then, the County Administrative Board and Region Västerbotten had received other protection.

- We now have meetings with the company if we are to return the shelter or how to proceed, says Pia Wangbergh, who is the deputy head of procurement at Umeå municipality.

In the clip above you hear what the coordinators Magnus Börlin and Pia Wangbergh tell us about the mouthguards and how to act.