F1 star Kimi Räikkönen, who drives Alfa Romeo, is known for his short comments and solid personality. The same qualities have fascinated fans for years: “Icebreaker” is one of the most popular drivers in the formula circus year after year.

Young Swiss go-kart promise Ekaterina Lüscher, 13, talks about her encounter with Räikkönen, 40, in her much-received Instagram post.

Lüscher collided with a Finn on the Kart-Bahn-Wohlen motorway in Switzerland. Räikkönen lives with his family in the Swiss Bar, about 30 kilometers from the track.

Lüscher, who is pursuing a career in motorsports, spoke about the moment he had talked to Räikkönen. He also understood that the public persona of the “Iceman” does not necessarily correspond to reality.

- Look who I found on the track! It is the Icebreaker Kimi Räikkönen himself. We had a nice chat and I realized he’s a really nice and down to earth guy, Lüscher wrote.

- We discussed different paths and the future. I wish him good luck in the future, and so, of course, to his family.

In the comments, Räikkönen also receives praise from other Instagram users.

Lüscher published a joint photo with Räikkönen. Räikkönen's Robin son flashes in the background of the picture. Five-year-old Robin is known to have already started driving karting.

- I'm just telling him to be careful and not do anything crazy. I won’t tell him where to drive or take lap times. It’s about him enjoying. If he drives one lap and says he doesn’t want to do it anymore, we go home. It's a good hobby, Räikkönen said of his son's hobby in June on the F1 series website.

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The F1 season is finally starting and finally over the weekend. The long-awaited formula circus 2020 kicks off in Spielberg, Austria.

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